If you love stepping in horse shit every quarter mile than THIS is the trail for you!

trail running
2 months ago

3 months ago

trail running
5 months ago

Great loop, loved running next to the river. Saw a deer as we were coming back around the loop. Only saw two people while we were on the trail (early Sunday morning). Great place for to bring the dogs, too.

This is a great light hike. The pups love walking by the Nashua River.

Overcast Memorial Day weekend walk, our first on this loop. Easy and level walk at 3+ MPH. Just before the rain came. Didn't encounter anybody else. Do a tick check when done. Most of the way around the loop (counterclockwise) encountered open area (sand quarry?) with fragrant piles of yard waste / mulch bags. Lost the trail. You basically have to exit the woods and follow a straight line to the other side and re-enter the woods again. Using the map on the phone with GPS helped but there were footprints in the mud to follow too. Other than this the walk was great.

Lots of ticks in the slightly overgrown areas. Then the trail disappeared into an active quary. Which had dumped yard waste that stunk right where the trail would have crossed. We needed our GPS to find the trail on the other side. But the river part and wooded parts in between were great.

7 months ago

Great trail along the banks of the Nashua River. Diverse ecosystem...