Trails did not match what is on this app, but friends knew their way. Beautiful river views on a winter day.

Great property, didn't know there was a Mashpee Neck or River...SURPRISE! A nice path south for sure, would be nice for mountain biking too. Went down to see some paddleboarders on the river and, turns out, one of them was my neighbor from my Waban days...go figure. Continued down to Pirates Cove and the boat launch area before continuing back up the road then back into the Woodlands. This is a nice place for a trail run! Enjoy!

Easy trail for mountain biking. Flat, only a couple hills;nothing too difficult. No rocks. The trail is slim and windy but I would say it’s a good beginners course. Very fun ride.

Very fun

end of the trails are overgrown and impassable

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Used the app to follow trail. Nice walk with dogs

Full disclosure, we just moved to the cape from CO so our perception of hiking is skewed and we only did the first big loop.

Thought the hike could be improved even for the small area it's contained in: River sightings are sparse and fleeting and the east side backs to housing. I certainly would not consider it a "moderate" difficulty trail.

There are a few nice bird sightings and the trail is maintained. Not something I would recommend though.

Would not recommend on a humid day. Deer flies the size of military drones. GPS mapping system was a total bust. The clouds and the above mentioned genetically enhanced deer flies may have caused the interference. Will do again on a clear fall day as it is a nice site....addendum...GPS not a bust...we followed Thorp Trail which is on the west side of the water. That trail is NOT the trail on this app. Long River Trail is the hike covered by the app.

A unique area with many good bird sightings. The trail is through a scrub forest that is hilly and winding along the river. The water is a bit difficult to reach in most places because the banks are steep and thick with branches. The trails are well kept and open onto nice views of the river. Seveal osprey nests are around and must have counted about 18 swans.

A bit tricky to navigate. Will try again!

i started Quinaquisset Parking lot. I followed the long river trail keeping the river in view. Very scenic and trails offer good variety.

The trail system is quite extensive and not well marked on the south end. I did a quick circle then went to the north parking and found a more challenging and pretty trail. Make sure you to to the west side of the river as it is more scenic and has some small hills and good views. I was lots of winter foul and it might be good for some birdwatching in early spring.
Some trails are not maintained and are rather brushy, watch out for ticks.
I did not make it to the end after bushwhacking for a while, I gave up. Next time I will make the whole distance on the 'road' trail.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017

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