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5 days ago

Asskicker! As of 2/16/19, the trail is a layer of ice covered in a couple inches of snow and topped with a glimmering crust of ice. Perfect and easy to follow. Microspikes and poles are a necessity. I got a late start around 2:45 pm and couldn’t finish the Seven Sisters trail (I started at Notch Visitors Center) but I estimate I got a good 2/3 of it done. Definitely more of a workout and few views along the white blazed trail, but I was still very satisfied and enjoyed the experience. Winter hiking is fun!

13 days ago

Hoping to go further west but it was a bit icy, slowed me down. Great day for a hike, this place is wonderful. The geology is so cool. You're mostly walking on extruded volcanic basalt, along the ridge. There are other layers underneath. The rock is about 200 million years old, formed during the early jurassic period. Yup, before us hikers, dinosaurs roamed these woods. I'll be back!

1 month ago

quick hike. views are not mind-blowing, but this hike good enough that i climb it about twice a week, every week, all year

Beautiful trail with some fantastic views along the way. The trail is easy to follow, some scrabbling but nothing technical. There is a fair amount of up and down so while it isn't technically difficult you'll definitely feel like you were out for a hike. Note that the mileage in the description for this section is off-- the Skinner Park to the Notch section is about 6.5 miles one way, so the out and back is more like 13 miles rather than 10.

I do this one pretty often. Today there were some wet areas.

Absolutely love this place! I got in a great workout, went on and off the trails and it was gorgeous! I’ll definitely be back. New hikers prob should have a map, we went pretty far off and the cell service was not accessible with Verizon lol. This is a great for mountain bikers and plan to hit up those trail, caution to new mountain bikers it’s moderately to hard in some areas. Overall my favorite place so far locally. I loved that the trails were wet ,it had just rained yesterday but geared up rite I loved it. Great for a good workout I was out for about 3 hours non stop exploring there are some hidden gem areas.

If your looking for a workout look no further. Started at Holyoke range state park and trekked to mt. Holyoke in Skinner state park across Seven sisters ect. Did hike early Nov. found the trail to be quiet and challenging with leaves and wet terrain. I loved it. I’m a hiker who likes to make good time. My poles were a true asset. Took me 5 hrs for the 11.5. Trails are marked well. Views are mediocre to be honest. But the challenge is worth it.

3 months ago

very rocky uphill but not too difficult. took about 35 mins up and 20 down. the view is worth it

4 months ago

Very beautiful scenery! Hard hike but sooooo worth the view and a great adventure to explore the outdoors! Love this trail! It’s challenging!

Difficult to follow after the peak going white to orange. Started down to the right after the viewpoint but was able to correct with the app. I met a couple who didn’t have the app and they didn’t make it to the horse cave. Great view at the top. Lots of downed beech trees along the trail.

Fun hike that can be out and back (if you spot cars) or a loop. I’ve done both and the change in elevation gain gets old around the 7th or 8th mile. I prefer to start from the Summit House and hike east. I think it’s a little easier on the knees that way. No legal place to camp, but it’s great to finish the hike under the stars. Just be careful heading down Bare mountain. For the ambitious you can add on Norwottuck to make it a longer hike.

5 months ago

Short but s lot of ups. There is some sharp scree that could be a problem for kids or anyone in open toed shoes. This mountain is typically the start or end of the seven sisters hike.

Such a beautiful hike. I climbed up to the peak and it was definitely rewarding. I say “climbed” because I am short and it was rocky which meant I had to crawl up some rocky surfaces.

Love this trail! We started at Notch Visitor’s Center and went up to Mt Hitchcock before turning back. Lots of ups and downs, plus a tall staircase that seemingly appears out of nowhere. There are parts of the trail that seem almost enchanted. Bring plenty of water. Beautiful views.

7 months ago

Started at the NET entrance on Old Mountain Rd. There are several south facing trails you can use to break up the hike and these will lead to the east to west trails such as Lithia Springs trail (part of this meanders onto a private drive from Amherst Rd. so I used the main drag to head south to the power line trail which connects to a yellow blazed Lithia Springs.) If you "shortcut" through the Lithia, eventually you connect with the red blazed Dry Brook Trail which will head due west with some confusing intersections so use a compass and do not rush. There are red location ID signs with numbers if you really end up lost. This hike is very strenuous and goes up and down multiple rocky peaks with 1000ft gains and some of the no name shortcuts at the east end of the range are unkept, unmarked and full of loose rocks. The vistas are beautiful but it if you plan on taking the lower trails on the way back be prepared to get eaten alive by biting flies and mosquitos. It's definitely a hike!

8 months ago

Nice short hike with rock scramble. Okay views of Amherst, but great start to the Seven Sisters! My dog, Lily, enjoyed jumping over the rocks.

Rarely seem a human out on these trails, which makes it super nice. Beautiful wildflowers, white tailed deer, and porcupines! Some trap rock along the way. Follow the Metacomet/Monadnock (NET)/Robert Frost to Norwottuck summit, or even better, to the Notch visitors center and back will give you about 9-11 miles. If you decide to make a loop on some of the side trails, they are either wetlands or sporadically marked...or both. Some day I will add this route into my Seven Sisters hike.

This is a nice and scenic trail with a lot of ups and downs as you traverse the ridges once you summit Mount Holyoke (if you start in the west) and head east. The proximity of major roads means you hardly ever don't hear cars and the gun range near the Notch means a substantial portion of the hike may feature ongoing gunfire, which sort of detracts from the experience of being in nature. Still, it's a nice hike and the portion between Mount Holyoke and Bare Mountain is far less busy than the trails heading to those summits from Route 47 and Route 116, respectively.

Bring Bug Spray!! I was attacked my mosquitos and biting flies the whole time. It got so bad I had to turn back half way and run so they couldn't get me. As a plus, I saw a porcupine eating leaves in a tree, and the views were very nice.

9 months ago

Nice easy walk with my daughter.

Okay hike overall. More challenging than it seems like it would be. Some good views but mostly pretty wooded. I got dive-bombed in the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears the entire time by aggressive bugs which was pretty awful and really put a damper on my day. They didn't bother my husband as much though.

9 months ago

I couldn't find the trial head, likley because I didn't have this app then. I parked on bay st. and walked up a long dirt road that had no tresspassing signs every 15 feet, trail head was on the right a half mile up. it was a really great short hike,I saw tons of snakes!

10 months ago

The route I took was a little different but the hike was great and the mountain house was very cool. Check out my full write up along with pictures and things to look out for.

We arrived at the Notch on a Saturday early afternoon and the place was packed with cars. We hiked to the top of Bare mountain in decent time and continued to hike to the next peak called Hitchcock mountain in about 40 minutes.It had good outcrops for viewing.Then we hiked the red trail southward off the back side of Hitchcock mountain to the yellow trail heading east which lead to the main road back to the parking lot . All and all I figure it was just under 5 miles .I recommend this hike because it goes in a loop and it’s not so short as climbing to the top of Bare mountain then back down

April 14, 2018 - The trail was not closed and didn't need any repair. No snow, well marked, good trail condition, this was overall a nice trail. However, this trail isn't really "hard", more like a moderate. The gain is spread throughout the whole hike so there is no particularly hard segment. As for the view, maybe it was too early in the season but nothing spectacular. I'm sure it's much nicer when the trees have more foliage. With that being said, it's probably one of the nicest trail around.

10 months ago

April 13, 2018 we hiked the trail probably a quarter way there was a sign saying the trail is closed past a certain point didn’t want to continue since they closed it for repair. Not very difficult for beginners

Hiked this in October 2017 with my dad who is in good physical shape in his 60s. It was a 60-degree day but felt a bit colder as much as of this trail is shaded. We parked one car on Old Mountain Road off Route 40, then drove to the Notch Visitors Center on Route 116 to park the other car. We crossed 116 and headed east. My dad had no problems doing a 6.2-mile point-to-point of the Seven Sisters with me. He wore jeans and brought poles but didn't really need them. For the first mile or so, we passed lots of people without water or bags, in yoga pants, with their dogs. Eventually, we stopped seeing "those kind" of people and actually would only pass other people every quarter- to half-mile or so. There were lots of steep climbs and descents, a few rock scrambles, several fallen trees, a cool wooden staircase, and about a zillion ladybugs. Once we got to Taylor Notch and the auto road up to the summit, we started seeing more casual walkers again, but this part of the hike wasn't terribly easy. The summit was crowded and covered in bugs, and we still had a long way to go (over 1.5 miles) to our second car so we didn't linger long but the views were amazing. I remember coming here as a kid by car, and this view was much more rewarding having already hiked 4+ miles of somewhat challenging terrain. The last 1.5ish miles - the portion east of the summit house back to where we parked on Old Mountain Road - were much easier but still not something I would do with small kids or anyone not in good shape. Once we left the "woods" and found ourselves on the dirt road, it was almost exactly 0.4 miles back to where we parked. All in all, a great 4.5 hours for two people who only hike 1-2 times a year but are in otherwise good to excellent shape.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

There’s no scenery at the top and it’s a pretty easy loop. The trails aren’t marked well and my phone died and I thought I was completely lost for 2 minutes. I was terrified. First world problems. It’s away from any houses though so it’s a good trail for dogs off leash.

Snoeshoeing 1/6/18. First part of trail had tracks so snow was only avg 6” deep after that ranged from 10”-24” deep. Overall good marked trail and good winter hike. Frigid from 2-7 deg w/ windchill -14 to -16. Look forward to doing it again in the spring.

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