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There’s no scenery at the top and it’s a pretty easy loop. The trails aren’t marked well and my phone died and I thought I was completely lost for 2 minutes. I was terrified. First world problems. It’s away from any houses though so it’s a good trail for dogs off leash.

Snoeshoeing 1/6/18. First part of trail had tracks so snow was only avg 6” deep after that ranged from 10”-24” deep. Overall good marked trail and good winter hike. Frigid from 2-7 deg w/ windchill -14 to -16. Look forward to doing it again in the spring.

2 months ago

Good strenuous hike! The Seven Sisters part of the trail (approx 12 miles) was a calf/thigh buster...step inclines/declines with lots of rock hopping. Starts off will a steep slope which is pretty much what your in for for the rest of the hike. Approx. 2 - 4” of packed snow and ice throughout the trail (12/15/2017). Take good traction. I did the M&M trail part and then had problems finding the loop at the end...before you approach the stairs headed up to Skinner State Park lookout bare to the right. I also did a few easy trails by the parking area at Holyoke Range State Park parking area...total 17 miles. Overall great workout and awesome hike!

2 months ago

We checked out this trail as this is where the Seven sisters trail race is held. It's tough with lots of ups and downs. Impressive for anyone who runs it. We had a late start and only went out a little over 3.5 miles and back. Very busy the first half mile which is all uphill with lots of people going up to the only view point of the trail. But it gets quieter further out. Other limited views later are only possible from leave-less trees. Fallen leaves made some downhill quite slippery. Overall a nice decent wooded trail that provides lots of hill work out. But very limited view. I also didn't like hearing constant gunshots in the early part of the trail from a nearby shooting range.

This is really underrated in quality as well as difficulty. I expected a relatively easy day and thought it was a flatter ridge once on top but it has a ton of steep ups and downs - made very challenging with rocks and a ton of leaves (this time of year) making it slippery and technical. Quite a challenge and some great views at intermittent points. Lot of fun. Knees and ankles will be suffering tomorrow.

3 months ago

Beautiful and tough.

beautiful views!

This is a great place to get a good, vigorous hike. It is a moderate to strenuous trail in a mixed deciduous forest in central Massachusetts. There are many side trails and they are true to the map you can get at the park headquarters near the entrance from Rte. 116. There are some beautiful, expansive views from the summit.

4 months ago

This is a great hike because of it's short distance, combined with steep terrain. Its a doable "after work hike", and experienced hikers can make the round trip in less than 45 minutes. Nevertheless the steep climb will get your lungs and legs burning in no time, you'll really feel like you've accomplished something!

A great hike that is challenging enough to be rewarding, but simple enough to do without spending all day on a mountain. Much better than an hour at the gym!

If you're feeling ambitious, its also a nice sunrise hike. Since the ascent is headed west, the sun will be at your back and you'll have a great view from the top

Nicely settled trail, not as great a workout as I thought it would be. Trail was also not marked well at all and being there were side trails
Off the main one we were on, it got confusing. Other then that, was a pretty easy walk. Trail took about 40 minutes.

5 months ago

Saw a bear!

Planning on doing it again!

Beautiful hike. Did just under 10 mile loop. Lots of elevation change and gorgeous views.

This trail is no joke. Lots of ups and downs and technical in spots. My legs are definitely feeling it now. Keep a close eye on the markers because it's easy to get turned around. Also, there's no official "end", as in a proper peak, so mark your distance. Got to mile 6 and turned back around. Did 11.6 miles total.

first time using the "all trails" app so still figuring out how to get the most of it. Map from the site and from the actual spot was a little unclear where to go. Felt like we walked in circles and definitely not 4miles. Also didn't see any caves. Will have to return when more seasoned with the app.

6 months ago

Nice, short, and steep.

trail running
6 months ago

The trail itself was easy to follow and the sites were great along the way. If you are looking for a good workout I'd recommend this, but not for actual running. Most of this trail is spent in steep climbs or descents on rocky terrain making it difficult to really find a good running groove. Don't let that discourage you, it's still a fun adventure and will get those legs a workout.

6 months ago

Short hike, fairly steep and rocky. Decent views at the top. This was my first hike since a knee replacement and it was a little challenging but quite manageable.

Grueling hills, make sure you bring enough water and elecrolytes if you intend to do the full loop.

Trail was too rocky and for the amount of effort we put into it, there really was no amazing views. Trail is best for an intense workout. I would not bring a dog on this hike either.

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