Great trail, easy to get lost though! Went for what I was expecting a 3 mile walk, ended up need to taking a 6 mile walk and needing to map my way out. Still a nice walk and trail, just make sure you have a sense of direction or phone just in case haha

It was pretty overgrown in places, but I really enjoyed how secluded it was. I went on Monday morning and I saw no one except for a couple with their dogs at the spot where I parked and a couple of bikers as I was finishing my hike. It also had a good amount of gradients, so I felt like I accomplished something at the end. Bugs were out in droves, so thank goodness for bug spray. I could’ve used a machete to clear a path on several parts of the trail, though...

Parked at the trailhead at the end of Forest Street. Started north toward Upper Carpenter Pond then continued to Carpenter Pond. Headed west next to new development area bushwacking over to southbound trail. Went south to Messenger then did a nice loop back to Forest Street. An awesome time was had by all (me!).

very nice, definently a worthwhile hike, state forest. nice, well marked

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Absolutely beautiful, tons of trails (probably 7 miles). Will certainly return!!

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