Pleasant surprise. I came in the day after a big rain storm that followed about 14 inches of snow last week. Most of snow gone . 1/2 of trail was icy and slippery. Parts were bare . Takes about 70 minutes to do yellow loop . Many nice rock walls and small streams . Pretty decent ascent up hill near the end . Becoming noticed by families and dog owners . I’ll come again for sure

Nice, easy 1.8 mile hike.

Good place to bring your dog -- to hike, play, or swim. I've found that out of all the local "dog parks" (read: unofficial), this one attracts the most respectful & responsible dog owners. If there are no buddies for your pup, there are some good trails (loops of varying lengths) to do instead.

People do bring small children with them when there are dogs playing, so just be aware of that nonsense.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Good trail. Parking is at South Acton Fire Station. Various trails marked by painted patches on trees. The yellow trail is the biggest loop, taking you along the perimeter of the whole area.

Very dog friendly and off leash is allowed. Not a place to go if you don't want to be approached by random by other dogs. Also, the field behind the fire station is used as a dog park almost 24/7, but especially on Sunday morning.

Regarding the dog park, try not to bring aggressive or protective dogs on Sundays. It may be overwhelming. However people are generally accepting if you're trying to socialize your dog and will usually let them "work things out." Still, be sure to be nearby in case things escalate.

3 Stars for a solid, easy hike, accurate trail maps and dog friendlyness, but no great views or scenery.

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