Beautiful, quiet and easy trail. Well marked loop trail (thank-you) with other optional trails available. Spring pine scent abounds :)

Great little hidden gem. Was looking for a place to go on an unseasonably mild February day, and didn’t want to run into many others. Didn’t run into a soul until the very end. Recommend!

Nice 2 mile trail with other trails off of it to explore a little. Perfect for the pup for some quick exercise and fresh air.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Lots of Singletrack Mtb trails off the main Loop great place to ride.

This is one of my favorite spots in Gardner..Used to come fishing here as a kid. Nice loop, wear your bug spray! Dope views and pretty quiet, not too much traffic. Even saw a deer drinking at a lil creek one time.

It was beautiful...Saw some beavers splashing around, tons of butterflies and birds...Definitely dress appropriately due to ticks and wear your bug spray!

This place is great for that hike when you just want to be alone. It follows along side the reservoir for a lovely scene of the water and clouds. Bring bug spray.

Easy and quiet trail! Parking is the hardest part, I always park down the hill at the Beagle Club and walk up.

Quick trails with no one else around! Lots of ticks this time around. Trail could use some maintenance for large downed trees and trail markers.

10 months ago

An easy loop hike that starts through a meadow and loops through the forrest. Very lightly used, you are likely to be alone on the trail.

11 months ago

One of those hidden back yard gems. It's well maintained with easy to see trail markers. It's one loop in the larger Gardner City Forest trail system. There's a few spots along the trail that open to views of the reservoir. On the far end is a bridge that looks down the length of the reservoir. Easy walk with minimal elevation gain makes it an easy hike.