It's pay to park now but worth it. For me this hike is more "Easy" than "Moderate" so if you are a very experienced hiker this won't provide much challenge. Beautiful views at the top.

22 days ago

Definitely not lightly trafficked but I was there on a holiday weekend.

This was a great hike and well worth the 2+ hour drive from Boston.

Not lightly trafficked at all. In warm weather be forewarned it is heavily trafficked.

Beautiful November hike. Not crowded. Well maintained. Stunning views! A decent climb but not taxing. Did the loop in about two hours spending some time at the top.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Thanksgiving 2016: This trail offered beautiful surroundings in nature and varied terrain. We hiked a couple of days after a snowfall, but it wasn't too deep and the trails were still walkable.

We started on the Indian Monument trail. After 100 feet or so, we lost track of the footprints in the snow. We couldn't find the path, so we turned around and went up Hickey. It was moderately challenging, but even for a 60-year-old out of shape woman, very doable. I took my time, and stopped to admire the spectacular snow-covered sights.

Hickey was icy on parts and steep a couple of times. We had to climb up some rocks but not too large or difficult. I knew I wouldn't be able to go back down that way. Especially because my legs were feeling a bit rubbery.

We got a late afternoon start and considering the early winter sunset, we didn't attempt to make it all the way to Squaw Peak. Instead we took Indian Monument back, which was a lovely and easy trek down.

Towards the end, we discovered that because of the snow, hikers had opted to leave the path and walk along the highway. That's why we couldn't follow the path at the beginning. In the end I was super happy we started with the more challenging Hickey and ended with Indian Monument.

Would definitely do this again next time we are in the Berkshires. And leave an hour earlier to leave time to make it to the very top.

Be sure to bring snacks and water!

it was my first hiking here! great view, nice hiking

quick hike with great views