Good hike with a nice view at the top.

Good times!

Great hike! Trail is very well maintained - some light rock scrambling is required near the peak. If you want a steeper ascent start north of the parking lot, more gradual go south.

Favorite trail in the Berkshires! I always do it at least once a year. Love the views and watching the birds circle below me on top of Devil's Pulpit.

Def the monument trail to go up & the hickey trail to return

Def the monument trail to go up & the hickey trail to return

20 days ago

Have hiked the trail many times although not one of the local experts. As long as it's not too hot or not a particularly buggy summer, it's a great hike. A few options such as a steeper shorter route up if you choose to start to the left. We usually go left but choose the longer more gradual incline. Definitely a moderate hike. Pretty steep with large rocks at/near the top. Great view from up top as you see in the photos. We love the Hickey trail for the descent. Really beautiful walk. Saw someone hiking the trail barefoot. Impressive! Last year we took our puppy along. We all had a blast. You pay a fee at the trailhead. There's a discount membership too.

Not lightly used in summer. Definitely moderate use. Bring water of course.


Beautiful hike. Good views on the Red trail. It is a little rocky so wear good shoes / boots

Great Hike. Nice mix of terrain!!

1 month ago

Nice little up and down, fantastic views with some rocks to sit on at the peak. Travel a bit further south and visit Campbell Falls to make a nice trip

This hike is perfect. Nice distance, easily doable in 1.5 hours if you are in good shape. I would scatter my ashes from the top, the view is so magnificent.

Beautiful place, great hike, amazing views. Definitely more of a moderately trafficked trail in my opinion.