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17 hours ago

Easy path, a little rocky so wear appropriate shoes. No steep incline.
Nice and serene.

My family and I set out on this hike today (mid September). We have to say that, though this is a lovely place, we did not find it to be really kid friendly. The trails were narrow in parts with enough poison ivy to make us turn back at points, though our kids were in shorts. There were many signs warning about ticks. We took care, using our own insect repellent and that kindly left at the start of the trail, we still found a couple on us when we got home. The paths were well marked in the Concord area but less so once we left that part of the park. In fact, a good section of the walk, over Hubbard Hill, seemed to leave the paths completely in violation of the signs outlining the private land owner’s wishes. To sum up, this is a beautiful place but, mainly because we had to be constantly on the look out with the kids, it wasn’t a relaxing experience.

Lovely spot; open woodlands, beautiful marshes and ponds. Very few other people there on a warm June Saturday. Easy parking on Monument Street. Highly recommended!

Punkatasset is a great place to run or to have an easy hike. The loop itself has several trails branching off, though the main alternate is Estabrook Trail, which leads directly north into Carlisle, and ends on to Kibby Pl. It's surprisingly low traffic, and can be a good place to see snakes (lots of wetlands in here), birds, and other wildlife. Note that most of the small trails off of Estabrook Trail end into private property. There's not much parking from Monument Rd in Concord - just along the side of the street. From the Carlisle side, you can park on Kibby Pl without issue.

Fabulous property co-owned by the Towns of Concord, Carlisle, and Harvard University. Although the Harvard property is privately owned, it's open to the public. Good thing as the history in this place is through the roof! Head up the Spruce Trail and check out the Saw Mill ruins then continue north to see the ruins of a colonial era lime kiln and a lime quarry. All this surrounded by glacial moraines, eskers, erratics, and drumlins. It's wonderful! Oh, and did I mention, Henry Thoreau is said to have wandered through these woods too!!!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013