Nice short trail with lots of options. Good length for kids. Some decent inclines and trails not always clearly marked.

Easy walk. Took my pup and she loved it. Lots of different features: water, hills, fields. Very pretty surroundings. Wish I could let my dog off leash but understand the rules :)

alot of different greenery lots of trails not marked which I'm fine with but others aren't.

Nice walk. There are lots of unmarked trails. It is a nice jem and right next to downtown Middleboro too!

Love it here. More challenging than the place I got to that is very close to my house. Agree that the trails are not well marked but a few visits and you get to know them pretty well. Also agree on the ticks… its March and every time I go I pull a tick off my clothing. Not a fan of deat/deet/bug spray but getting/having Lyme can certainly be worse!!

Verry pretty. Easy walk. Streams and ponds.

It's a pretty trail especially on the perfect October weekend we visited. However the trails are very poorly marked. Also our dog picked up more ticks here than on any trail we have ever taken.

Beautiful! Great for dog walking!

Great! Took our 6 year old, loved seeing all the butterflies and insects in the flowers. Went down one dead end trail after making it thru a mud puddle via fallen logs. All in all, great!

Great trails, fun ride, been there several times.

Pratt farm is right down the street from us. The kids and I go often. Last year I released 4 ground hogs that I caught in my back yard at the farm so you have a good chance of seeing some wildlife in the form of groundhogs!

Plenty of waterfall scenery. The old trout hatchery was awesome! A must visit especially in the spring/summer seasons, but also beautiful year round.