Great easy walk tons of different paths to explore

Nice place for a small hike!

Less than a mile from where I am living, Pratt Farm has become a refuge of health for me. There are certainly more difficult trails deep into the Farm than many have mentioned, and it did take me some time to learn all the intricacies of the property, but I love it here and, being a diabetic, as I say, I need the exercise for my health and it can be as hard or as easy a hike as I am up to on any particular day. Saw my first deer recently and am hoping for more sightings of wild nature as the fall comes on.

Loved this trail except hard to know which way to go. Next time it will be easier to find red markers.

great trail for 1st timer could be marked a little bit better lots of trsils off the main trail

Wonderful trail with some hilly spots!

Nice short trail with lots of options. Good length for kids. Some decent inclines and trails not always clearly marked.

Easy walk. Took my pup and she loved it. Lots of different features: water, hills, fields. Very pretty surroundings. Wish I could let my dog off leash but understand the rules :)

alot of different greenery lots of trails not marked which I'm fine with but others aren't.

Nice walk. There are lots of unmarked trails. It is a nice jem and right next to downtown Middleboro too!