3 stars because the trails are misleadingly marked well in places and not at all in others. Apparently, there's a loop at the beginning which covers 2 outlooks. If you follow the blue marks, you'll completely bypass the views like us! Thankfully, we followed the AllTrails map closer towards the end, away from the road and followed the falls instead of the road. You'll know you're on the correct path when you see the chimney and will be in for a treat overlooking the falls right before the large seesaw. Be careful on that way down, though! Very steep!

This was an easy trail if you follow the road. Defiantly family friendly. The water fall was relaxing and worth hiking down to see closer. With the lack of rain we have had the falls were not the strongest but still enjoyable to take in.

Really nice trail, clean and pretty easy. I can see where the trail could get trickier near the falls and the rocks but we only went as far as the bottom of the falls. Very little traffic.

Really easy trail to the falls and enjoyed that the trail followed the stream the whole way! I enjoyed climbing up the rocks near the falls. There also weren't a lot of people there, so it wasn't crowded!

This hike was challenging. It was fairly steep a majority of the way up. the sign at the entrance of the trail promised three vistas, but two were substantially overgrown and had limited views. the one vista we could see from was breathtaking. At this point in the summer, and with the region in. a drought there was no stream running through.The trail loops at the top and leads you back down the way you came. The trail was marked really well.

9 months ago

Awesome waterfalls that you can climb up to different sections

Trail is easy; at the waterfall, though, things can get kind of technical/tricky. Don't underestimate the slipperiness of wet rocks.

There are many trails. My husband and our two dogs went up the dirt road trail and the. Took the trail off to the right towards the water fall. We loved it. Easy then you could make it challenging if you wanted to walk up the waterfall. Great if you have kids though expect to stop on the way up. Another trail up there too but we will have to go up another time. Our two dogs loved it too!

10 months ago

I went down Sanderson brook falls trail, caught visual of the falls the whole walk, beautiful scenery, my dog loves it! Def plan on going back soon!

One beautiful spring day I took my wife here. It was farther from Lee than I thought, down the windy Route 20 to the other side of Chester. Still it was easy to get to. Decent size parking lot full of cars. Then a wide dirt road with a gradual uphill grade for a trail, over two steel bridges, then another trail off to the left with a gradual grade down to the falls which were in full force. For those who want a closer look you can climb up the rocks which I did part way.