1 month ago

The description of the trail is wrong. Just a minute or two after crossing the brook, turn left onto the "Memorial Trail," which has three viewpoints as it works its way clockwise. After the third vista, turn LEFT onto the Mica Mine Road connector, then just a short ways down the road bear right onto the Observation Hill Rd. You don't have to go to the end of that road, either, as 20min or so down there's a clearly marked Conservation Corps trail on the right that connects to the Falls Rd. through the woods...much more pleasant for hikers.

3 months ago

The majority of the trail is well-marked and fairly easy to navigate. If you want to see the waterfall, you need to take a side trail that is located about half a mile up the start of the main trail. Fairly far into our hike, we got to the view points, which were were stunning.

As others have noted, there are two bridges that make it easy for a dog to catch their paw in the holes. I carried my 60 lb dog over both. They're pretty short bridges, so that was doable.

Shortly after the view points, we unintentionally got off the trail (it didn't appear there was anywhere else for us to go that was marked). The forest was very steep with unsteady footing. Having my dog unleash was particularly difficult - - it was steep enough that we slid several times. We used our compass to point North toward the head of the trail, but it still felt disorienting to not see anything that looked like a trail for a long time. Thankfully, we ran into a couple and their pup who were also lost but had a better grip of how to get toward the trail head. (shout out to Alana, Troy and Ollie for helping us and keeping us calm). We even had to cross a stream to get back to the trail. Overall, it was a beautiful trail but the trail needs to be better marked at the end.

If you've reached the place to hike, take a trail. If you're here to see the falls, do that but really, going to the falls up the road is not really a trail hike. This place gets a fair amount of visitors and I'd say the majority have come to visit the water, not hike. So, if you visit and looking to hike, don't let the amount of people you might see discourage you. Most aren't climbing up the mountain to see the views. I went up the H.Newman Marsh Memorial trail today and saw 3 people (father/mother/son), that's it. There were many others but most just visited to get wet. The description about this trail is fairly accurate but it's not all blue blazes. It is a combination of green and blue. This is on the upper level of a "moderate" hike, almost what would be considered a "hard" one. It starts out as a steep incline and stays that way till the Memorial Trail part. It's probably a half hour to 45 minute hike on average to the split. Though the directions say to follow the brook, I kept wondering where this brook was because it's almost dried out at this time. Following the directions, I did the cross over the "brook" part and continued on. What you read in the directions above, it says look for the vistas signs but what you see first is the sign for the Memorial Trail. Being that this is a loop, I went left and then saw signs for the vistas. The first one was spectacular, amazing. The next two were OK. I know some have mentioned about overgrowth but it appears that they (for lack of a better term), mowed down this growth. You can see the vegetation/trees on the middle vista had been pushed over and appear dead. The markings all along my hike were fine, don't see where some got confused. I did the Memorial Trail loop and then went back down the way I came up. Going down can be just as tough as going up as you need to watch your step. One of my toughest climbs as of late but that first vista was worth it.

nice place

4 months ago

Quiet, serene, mild hike to beautiful falls. My dog loved it and you'd probably will, too. Good for kids, too. I recommend bringing some bug spray if you don't want to be swarmed and eaten alive by the skeeters!

Today was our first time there! We went w our fur kid, Max!! He LOVED it there!! He was running down by the river and jumping on the rocks!’ It was puppy parkour!!! It was a nice walk/hike! The only issue was the bridges there, they were woven metal. Max was nervous walking on it, so he wouldn’t and we really didn’t want him too. The holes were pretty big, we were nervous his foot would fall through and he’d hurt himself so Jeff carried him over the bridges! Other than that it was a nice walk and we definitely like being by the water w Max so he can cool off if he needs to, or get a drink!! We will definitely be back. =)

3 hour easy hike- we went the opposite way around this loop. Weird logging at the top of the hike that threw me off, but still worth the drive. Make sure to check out the waterfall!

This was a great trail. The hike to the waterfall is super easy as you take an unpaved road to get there. After that, it is according the other hikers we met the harder way as it is an uphill battle. It was an easy way down but the trails were not well marked and several times we had to backtrack. Definitely keep your wits about you and don't be afraid to STOP. It was somewhere along Observation Hill Rd and the Mica Mine Rd. and we ended up loosing the trail. We backtracked to where we last saw a trail marker and managed to figure out that we had to cross the stream.

But despite that, it was fun and we did it in 3 hours. I am the slow poke as I love to stop and take lots of photos of everything.

Had the place all to myself yesterday! Didn’t see a single soul and it was great!!!

7 months ago

A decent beginners trail. The first half is a gradual up hill walk, then to the fall. Fall are very relaxing, best seen march - may after rain.. the walk back is very easy and all downhill... 1.9 miles round trip.

Pleasant, tranquil, romantic

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The hike to the waterfall is easy as you walk up an unpaved road to get there. If you take the other trails that veer off from the left of the unpaved road, it's a steep climb right from the beginning. Be sure to take the Memorial Trail as that has the great vistas. However, the other trail was not well marked at all and hard to follow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beautiful walk. Great to take your dog.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The trail is well maintained going up but the loop section coming back now it is not well-maintained. Really keep your wits about you to look for the trail markers and the blue blazes.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Newman Marsh trail portion closed for erosion control (6/29/17).. nice trail, beautiful vista on observation hill. A bit tough to follow at some points.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trail was decent, albeit sometimes tough to follow. We walked clockwise. Markings on the first part alternated between green and blue. One nice vista and humorous signs pointing the direction to "Vistas" and "Additional Vistas". After a bit the blazes took us away from the mapped trail so I began relying on the app more than I would like. Trail (at this point marked with green blazes) ended at the cul-de-sac of a maintenance road. Bear right at the first intersection. This leads to the ski trail which is marked with blazes. After that trail dumps you into a clearing, the trail continues between two big rocks. Just after you climb the small hill, you should see the remains of an old chimney to your right. The trail is now unmarked; follow beside the river until you look down on the pretty waterfall. About face. The walk down to the river is steep and, if it is wet, very slick. Enjoy the waterfall, maybe take a swim, and then continue along the path. Very quickly you will find yourself on the service road again and headed down to the parking lot.

Enjoyable hike and not very crowded. I'd do it again.

Beautiful water fall. Easy trail/ road to walk up for the first 1.5 miles. Trails well marked

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I took my little nephew and niece and they both did an awesome on the hike. It a beautiful place and it great for kids they had a blast.

Monday, November 14, 2016

3 stars because the trails are misleadingly marked well in places and not at all in others. Apparently, there's a loop at the beginning which covers 2 outlooks. If you follow the blue marks, you'll completely bypass the views like us! Thankfully, we followed the AllTrails map closer towards the end, away from the road and followed the falls instead of the road. You'll know you're on the correct path when you see the chimney and will be in for a treat overlooking the falls right before the large seesaw. Be careful on that way down, though! Very steep!

Monday, November 14, 2016

This was an easy trail if you follow the road. Defiantly family friendly. The water fall was relaxing and worth hiking down to see closer. With the lack of rain we have had the falls were not the strongest but still enjoyable to take in.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Really nice trail, clean and pretty easy. I can see where the trail could get trickier near the falls and the rocks but we only went as far as the bottom of the falls. Very little traffic.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Really easy trail to the falls and enjoyed that the trail followed the stream the whole way! I enjoyed climbing up the rocks near the falls. There also weren't a lot of people there, so it wasn't crowded!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This hike was challenging. It was fairly steep a majority of the way up. the sign at the entrance of the trail promised three vistas, but two were substantially overgrown and had limited views. the one vista we could see from was breathtaking. At this point in the summer, and with the region in. a drought there was no stream running through.The trail loops at the top and leads you back down the way you came. The trail was marked really well.

Awesome waterfalls that you can climb up to different sections

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trail is easy; at the waterfall, though, things can get kind of technical/tricky. Don't underestimate the slipperiness of wet rocks.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

There are many trails. My husband and our two dogs went up the dirt road trail and the. Took the trail off to the right towards the water fall. We loved it. Easy then you could make it challenging if you wanted to walk up the waterfall. Great if you have kids though expect to stop on the way up. Another trail up there too but we will have to go up another time. Our two dogs loved it too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I went down Sanderson brook falls trail, caught visual of the falls the whole walk, beautiful scenery, my dog loves it! Def plan on going back soon!

One beautiful spring day I took my wife here. It was farther from Lee than I thought, down the windy Route 20 to the other side of Chester. Still it was easy to get to. Decent size parking lot full of cars. Then a wide dirt road with a gradual uphill grade for a trail, over two steel bridges, then another trail off to the left with a gradual grade down to the falls which were in full force. For those who want a closer look you can climb up the rocks which I did part way.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

nice easy hike lots of side trails as well the memorial trail affords some good vista's

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