Short and to the point, too residential for my taste

2 months ago

3 stars good walk with the dogs it was fun to watch them explore and climb...a little buggy but that's to be expected...however where are the cascading waters?? All dried up??

trail running
3 months ago

Gets a little technical in a few spots, but was a nice jog

Four stars for a nice, short walk-hike w dog/baby and some decent uphill for Mass. Not five stars bc of the bugs.

pretty, easy trail with a bit of an uphill, limited parking, but overall a nice walk in the woods!

It's a good little hike, lot of bugs though. Welcome to nature I guess

Pretty hike. Trail needs some tlc but still walkable. Some broken glass. Bring your bug spray

6 months ago

Pretty trails, one big incline at the beginning and then the rest was pleasant downhills.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This trail far surpassed my expectations. Simply beautiful

fun family hike