Loved this hike! Lots of well marked trails with scenic views. The peak view was pretty awesome, especially for such a low altitude, and included the Boston Skyline. There was even a decorated Christmas tree at the top. Sweet surprise.

Great ponds, so pretty and interesting terrain. Doggie heaven. Blue trail is my fav, adding yellow trail for a hike to
The peak.
Take a map, it's easy to get confused with all the trails. Fairly well traveled so no worries

trail running
3 months ago

Great property. Went from Caryl Park all the way down to what I call Perkins Cove (first mill pond, site of colonial era wood mill). This is an awesome pond that was full to grade in a driving rain this day (still soothed my soul!). Such a nice spot, one of my favorites in all of Dover (have a seat, relax)! A beautiful erratic on the main trail near Caryl, check it out. Enjoy!

3 months ago

The peak is really nice.

A lot of people,
Not that there’s anything wrong with that...,,,

Nice trail for fall. Beautiful view at the top. Many trails intersecting, so follow the map.

Nice trail if you are in the area and/or looking for dog-friendly hikes. Simple network of well-marked trails, and the peak and pond are lovely spots to sit and enjoy.

Good trail to walk a dog. Almost everyone you come across has a dog with them. very well marked. maps at entrance, take one.

Pretty walk, great signage. Not strenuous.

beautiful scenery. great trails. multiple trails. little swimming hole.

No dogs allowed :( app needs to be updated

well marked trail, the elevation portion is in the middle, so there is a cool down portion. Easy to follow trails. Signs say "No Dogs" but I saw several on the trails. (I did not have a dog and they don't bother me)

Good trail to walk with your dog

Nice easy hike. Good for smaller dogs and families.

myself and dog love this place! ability to never walk the same trail twice

It's a nice place to come with little kids! We enjoyed

10 months ago

Nice walk, easily did it with a 2 year old (with a back pack for her to ride in). Cool old mill scenery.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nice trail to bring your dog and see a view

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fun! Only find part of Noanet Peak trail moderate the rest is easy. Combine red, yellow, blue to extend your hike.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Great place to take dogs!! Dogs are allowed off leash after the parking lot. The Trustees have an app with maps of their properties and also tend to have paper maps available. Even when it is busy, I do not see a lot of people because there are so many different trails. My dog takes me somewhere new all the time. He loves swimming in the ponds when possible. He never gets tired of this place! Great for kids and bikes. Be aware that horses are welcome in the property so show curtesy to them (be quiet around them,let the rider know you are there, control your dogs/kids)

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