This 721-acre former estate features pine needled paths, acres of sunny rolling meadows and spectacular rhododendrons which line old carriage roads. Peak bloom is usually in mid-June. Bradley Palmer was a noted attorney of the early 1900s who represented Sinclair Oil in the Teapot Dome Scandal and President Wilson at the Versailles Peace Conference after the First World War.

Lots of trails to choose from, several dogs and runners. Also a horse destination with new and old jumps set up.

So many different trails to hike its hard to decide where to go. I like the healthy heart trail, I have hiked in and out and all around the whole park. Beautiful scenic landscapes, bird watching, deep forest paths. Occasionally see a passing horse on the trails

Nice, easy stroll through the woods and some fields. Lots of people walking dogs and horseback riding. Not very challenging.

peaceful friendly people

Very easy walk. Very accessible. On a good day, the walk is very populated with families and elderly.