Photos of Boxford State Forest Birding Trails

I'm writing specifically for the section around Crooked Pond. As I live in Middleton, a 5 minute drive to the trailhead, I wish I could give this section a better rating, especially since many of the trails are part of the Bay Circuit Trail. The first .2 mile section is wide and well-maintained, since it is a fire access road. You can then choose to continue on the main path, or go left. Either way will take you on a loop around the pond. There are many side trails/game paths diverging off the trail, but as long as you keep the pond in sight, you'll find your way. This area is very poorly marked, and not well-maintained. Several years of storm damage is evident in the many fallen trees. It's easy to see that some have been there for a while, as a well-trodden path has been worn down around them. There are also many parts that are too close to the water. As the summer progresses, and water levels drop, these areas become almost impassible from mud and insects. I would advise anyone through-hiking the BCT to avoid this particular section, and seek an alternative route.