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5 days ago

Start on Skyline Trail South to the Elliot Tower and finish Skyline Trail North. All the views will be near the end of the hike, about 3/4 of the way through, which is way more rewarding. If you go counterclockwise, you'll see all the views at the beginning then nothing but trails for the majority of the way. Fun hike!

it was a beautiful veiw. it a must see.cant wait to see it in the fall

it was great hiking trail. it a great cardio work out. but at the end was. a beautiful scenery.

This was a fun trail, the loop took my friend and I 2 hours and was 3 miles, with only some short stops. It definitely gets your heart pumping, there are quite a few steep ascents with lots of rock, and then you'll steeply descend, it will be flat for a bit, and then another ascent. Not a simple up on the way there and down on the way back, which makes it more fun I think. Unfortunately the Eliot Tower is currently closed for renovations for the fall, so the views weren't great at the top, but still great to be out there!

Very nice hike, moderately difficult there are some steep climbs but overall a very rewarding hike with spectacular views for anyone who is familiar with rocky steep terrain.

12 days ago

Great moderate climb. Well marked trail with beautiful views.

very challenging as a first timer, but i enjoyed the fresh air and sounds of nature.

12 days ago

Not super strenuous, but long enough that you felt like you got some exercise.