2 months ago

Terrific, moderate difficulty hike with some historical landmarks along the way. From the paved lot across from the Shaker Village, this trail passes a lake and then winds along a gorgeous mountain brook featuring the ruins of several 1800s Shaker domiciles and industrial features. The first ascent is fairly easy, but there are a couple downed trees to scramble over. Coming down the rear side of the first peak is steep with some damp & slick patches. I spotted some great wildlife along here, including deer, blue jays, and even an owl. It's not hard to follow the trail as long as you follow the triangular green blazes, which point the directions to follow at trail crossings. There are a few stretches where the blazes are not prominent, and it's easy to wonder if you've gone off trail -- I wouldn't want to do this walk in the wintertime where the trail itself might be obscured. Although there is never a standout view of the surrounding scenery, the Shaker ruins and the accompanying trail-signs are very interesting. My main reason for giving a 3/5 rating is that the trail is only sporadically well-maintained, and that ATV use has created muddy ruts along much of the back half of the walk. If some trees could be cleared and more blazes put up, this would be a definite 4 star hike. Still, it's a great long walk in the woods with wonderful Shaker ruins and plenty of solitude.

5 months ago

Good hike with decent elevation and terrain changes. No big "ta-da" at the end but a good walk in heavy canopied woods. There are off-road vehicle trails that intersect and at times used in this loop. Park on paved pull off across from Shaker Village (800 ft. west of the Village). Trail starts behind gate. You will get to a bridge that crosses the water on right. Stay to right and take the Shaker Mountain Loop (it says 2.4 miles but this loop is twice that long). Once passing the summit near the radio tower at the top, you will see markers with green arrows (white dot). Don't take the CCC or Shaker Brook Trail - up mountain again until you reach Holy Mountain. Trail then leads back to Rt. 20.

There are other trails here too, that can be hiked as a loop, but they're not well marked, and some are shared with snowmobiles/ATVs. A favorite spot of mine.

Very nice hike with a large paved parking area at the trail head. Not always really well marked, but we made it through without issue, and it does make a complete loop. Great trail for a short day hike with some elevation without really steep climbs.

Beautiful pine and birch forests which smell wonderful. Didn't see any humans but unfortunately didn't see much wildlife either.

Easy to find and park, but not well marked. The trail is on the opposite side of the road from the museum. The trail is not heavily used and is somewhat overgrown in places. There are green arrows guiding you but either I missed one or it had fallen off and I ended up on a side trail and got all turned around. The C.C.C. Trail is what I ended up on, it shows up as a road on AllTrails. It was confusing to say the least. The Shaker trail is heavily canopied. There are small streams and little under growth. I did not see any wild animals, but the sound of singing birds and lack of motor sounds was relaxing and peaceful. I saw all of 3 people on the trail, so I felt quite alone in the woods.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Great hike!

Really great hike to get outdoors and be able to hike for a few hours but I wasn't impressed with the top I was expecting more because I had hiked so far.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So beautiful in the late spring... The beginning of the trail along the stream is so lovely it looks like Hobbits should live there. There is a nice easy little loop with signs stating the historical importance of different sites. Shaker Mt. is a nice little after work not-too-too-steep- UP, but entirely avoidable if you aren't interested in a climb.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We took a nice summer day off and decided to take a nice walk through the woods. We enjoyed the walk around the pond (stopped on the way in and they way out to check out the fish), the varied trails, the stream crossings and the changing woods. Lots of blow down on some of the trails but easiy walked around and still a very enjoyable hike.

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