In the extreme southwest corner of the state is a cluster of state parks noted for their spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. Located here is Bash Bish Falls, one of Massachusetts' most dramatic and its highest single-drop waterfall. Cascading water tumbles through a series of gorges and a hemlock-hardwood ravine forest, and then drops about 60 feet into a sparkling pool below. Bash Bish Falls is located next to the 4,169 acre Mount Washington State Forest which offers 30 miles of trails, including the South Taconic Trail and wilderness camping. They both adjoin New York's 5,000 acre Taconic State Park, which offers full service camping, amenities and access to Bash Bish Falls by a moderate difficulty uphill foot trail. Nearby 1,356 acre Mount Everett State Forest offers informal picnicking at Guilder Pond. From the top of Mount Everett visitors may take in a view spanning the three states.

on Bash Bish Falls Trail

1 month ago

If your in western Massachusetts or eastern N.Y. traveling on 87, this is worth a stop. Short hike down to some dramatic falls . Don’t forget your camera!

dope as sh^t

Short hike with awesome views of a moderate waterfall. All along the trail, the air is filled with the sounds of running water, as the path parallels the stream.

4 months ago

Short, rugged trail, boulders and tree roots, natural stone stairs and long wooden steps. Stones down around the falls are smooth and slick from years of traffic, you just have to be careful. Not many visitors this time of year and cooler temperatures made this a very pleasant and quick hike. Very pretty hike through mature forest with lots of moss covered boulders.

5 months ago

Probably one of my favorite waterfall spots! Very easy hike to and from the falls. Hike the stream to or from the falls if you what to be more adventurous BUT be very careful of how slippery the rocks can be! We got there around 9 on a Sunday and we’re the third car in the lot, left at 11:30 and the lot was packed. Get there early if you want to peace to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Lots of trails near by, we came this morning to look at the falls. breath taking, no one was there this morning. We had lunch by the water and jus listen to the falls. We decided to park on the Massachusetts side instead of N.Y.. If you have a hard time hiking go on the N.Y. side you can just park at the bottom of the falls. Two outdoor potties in the parking lot. super clean. No swimming allowed. Beautiful spot to just relax.

on Bash Bish Falls Trail

6 months ago

This is the tallest waterfall in Mass, and it is impressive. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

Closer to easy than moderate, and a beautiful waterfall and pool combination!

Interesting and exciting for kids but It was a weekend and a lot of people were swimming and picnicking on the site making it impossible for quite and contemplating enjoyment.

We camped at the grounds nearby and it was a nice walk to the falls. The waterfall is beautiful!! Not too crowded on a nice weekend in the summer. You can swim here too.

7 months ago

We actually came in from the Copake Iron Works site @ Taconic State Park (1/2-mile trail brought us over to the NY trailhead for Bash Bish Falls). The trail from the Iron Works is well-marked, scenic (mostly following the Bash Bish River), and includes a few interesting history-related placards. The trail up to the falls was extraordinarily busy, but it's very wide & includes plenty of room for everyone who's making the trek up and back. Many of the visitors were taking advantage of benches that are placed along the river, enjoying the view even before reaching the falls.

too over populated for my liking in the dead of summer, but otherwise it was beautiful & the water was the clearest water i've yet to see!

nature trips
7 months ago

Great little workout to a beautiful view of the falls. Arrived earlt and enjoyed the solitude ina spot that frequently is crowded.

Crowds diminish downstream.

very cool, can swim a little in the bash bish brook along the trail towards the falls

Love the view from the top

Both trails are great to do.

We hiked in from the NY side. Very easy hike. Nice trail and amazing views but it was very crowded. We would have loved to go in the water, but there were "No Swimming" signs everywhere.

So many people.

Lots of people

Gorgeous waterfall, simple hike, great for families. Definitely a must see!

short hike, but over all one of my favorites! the water is as clean as it gets. beautiful views, what a great spot for taking photos!

9 months ago

Relaxing an exhilarating, Great for the whole family

A favorite, many times, all seasons (save in snow). Trail is a reasonable flat walk in and out from Copake Falls, NY off 344. Trail from Massachusetts is well kept, steep down & up, about an 18 story descent/climb. Falls & the people when busy, worth the view.

Incredible!!! Definitely head to the NY side- relatively flat hike.

9 months ago

I’ve always wanted to visit Bash Bish Falls because it’s the highest waterfall in Massachusetts. There are two trails you can take down to the falls (Massachusetts or New York). The Massachusetts trail is relatively short, but it can be challenging because it's steep and rocky. The New York trail is longer, but less challenging. There is also another short but very steep hike to an amazing scenic view of the mountains! The falls were very impressive and beautiful! The water is crystal clear and a nice shade of turquoise that you don’t usually see in New England. Dogs are welcome, no swimming allowed (people have died) and make sure you bring a camera! The only downside to Bash Bish Falls is that this a popular spot to visit.

Nice hike. The falls were beautiful, thanks to the recent rains. Easy in, easy out. Hike up from falls to MA parking lot is a nice workout.

Mist off the waterfall is amazing...The view from above was beautiful.

With all the rain in northeast these falls where really great and powerful. Great view!

Beautiful falls!

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