I'd give it 3.5 starts if I could. Did this hike today with my dog, it's a beautiful spring day and the hike was nice. Overall it was ok, the walk along the river is pleasant and you get a decent view at the top. I'd say it's more of an 'easy to moderate' difficulty though, there is some incline scrambling up to Mount Orient.
**Warning to Hikers that have dogs** The beginning part of this trail is open to dogs without leashes before 10am. There are ALOT of dogs roaming freely around here. So if your dog is dog aggressive, I would avoid this trailhead and catch another part of the Robert Frost Trail. I brought my dog on a leash, and was surprised when I saw a group of 10 people conversing further on the trail and 10 leash-less dogs run at me and my dog full speed, one of which had all teeth bearing and growling. I was jumped on and had to keep my dog, a German Shepherd from ripping apart the dog that was trying to nip at her. I called out to the group of people twice to call their dogs away and NOT ONE PERSON attempted to call their dog back and off of me. VERY RUDE Dog owners here. I know this isn't the case for most people with dogs, but I wanted to let other hikers know about this area just so they aren't caught by surprise.