Ames Nowell is a year-round day use area with recreational activity centered around Cleveland Pond which is popular with boaters and fisherman. Development includes a picnic area, ball field and several miles of trails along the pond edge and the surrounding woods.

1 month ago

mountain biking
2 months ago

Cool place, lots of single track swirling and winding, rocky in some areas, great riding!

trail running
5 months ago

Decent trails. Definitely an easy hike. Nice location hard to believe it straddles a bit of Brockton.

Pleasant walk past ponds and over wooden bridges.

I like this park and trail. It can be confusing at times, some trails aren't marked that well. The trails change too, one minute you'll be on the blue trail and then all of a sudden you'll be on the green trail. It can be muddy, so wear proper shoes.

I absolutely love coming here! I am from Abington and live within a mile of Ames Nowell- I visit 4-5 times a week minimum! I am always impressed that there is no trash in the park, it is very well up kept. The main trails are always completely clear of debris, and the smaller trails are in very good shape too. The description of 3.5 is inaccurate because there are various trails that have not been shown, and that is NOT the best way to enter the park. The map that is shown as of now gives a less traveled route. I'd recommend entering from Linwood st if you are unfamiliar with this area, because it is more clearly marked! Follow the blue signs and you'll do just fine from the main entrance! I have walked the entire perimeter of the water, it is about 3.5 miles along the easiest route. Had I wandered into less traveled trails I could've substantially increased my distance. Not many people do the entire route, as that took me nearly two hours without any breaks. But, the easier trails offer great distance as well with many opportunities to turn around, and very few difficult obstacles. I bring my dog with me every time I visit, and this is definitely his favorite place to come-- taking precedence over dog parks! On our hikes we also see many other dogs which is something I value very much!! Undoubtedly the best state park in the area. You can mountain bike the trails and may also take a boat on the water (that is not motorized), canoes, kayaks, there are various places for picnics including public grills. Many people come here to fish as well! So I would absolutely say give this park a try!

7 months ago