Ames Nowell is a year-round day use area with recreational activity centered around Cleveland Pond which is popular with boaters and fisherman. Development includes a picnic area, ball field and several miles of trails along the pond edge and the surrounding woods.

I did the 3.5 mile loop around the pond with my dogs on a gorgeous, unseasonably warm March day. It's a great trail, but was very muddy in spots, so wear appropriate footwear for mud and muck. Please note that the directions don't take you to the best place to start the trail. I suggest starting at the main park entrance at the end of Linwood Street. I originally tried to access the trail of of Route 18, and it was poorly marked and really littered coming in near the power lines. We headed the wrong direction and spent 40 minutes bushwacking before I turned around and hopped back on the car. Luckily, I saw a sign for the park and followed it. The actual marked trail from Park Headquarters is fantastic. I'm so glad I didn't leave before I found the good trail.

We did the whole 3.5 mile hike with our kids who are 8 & 10. It was a little muddy in some places, but I rather expect that when hiking in the woods. I used my phone occasionally to check where we were on the trail using a combination of all trails and Google. Great fun hike, took a couple of hours with the kids stopping to climb the rocks:)

I was in the area and looking for a short hike so we decided to stop at Ames Nowell State Park, thinking the 3.5 mile loop around the lake would be just about right. The trail started out wide and well tended and marked. After about a mile, parts of the trail were very wet and at certain parts impassable which led us to having to take alternate routes and extend our hike beyond the original 3.5 miles. Due to the large number of areas with standing water, bug spray is a must! We weren't prepared and are now paying the price. While on the trail we encountered 2 people on ATV's and another group of 3 on dirt bikes.

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11 months ago