Wye Oak State Park consists of 29 acres, much of which protects the stream valley behind the park from development. The park is located on State Route 662 in the community of Wye Mills in Talbot County. This park primarily existed to protect the Wye Oak Tree which toppled on June 6, 2002. The tree site still exists and can be viewed from sunrise to sunset daily. Standing quietly next to the Wye Oak is a brick structure, a story and a half high. The structure dates back to colonial times and was once used as a one-room schoolhouse. The school house is believed to be the second oldest school in Talbot County. The Queen Anne Garden Club restored the "Little House", as they affectionately called it in 1952. The foundation was strengthened, windowpanes repaired and a walkway laid. The restored interior was furnished with a schoolmaster's desk and stool, a long pine table and benches, and a dunce stool. Plans are currently underway to develop an interpretive display of the history of the Wye Oak on the grounds. The display will contain pieces of the Wye Oak, interpretive panels and a young wye oak sapling.