2 months ago

Beautiful park for the family. lovely shaded areas almost on the entire trail.

4 months ago

Added this loop to the Spicebush trail a few weeks ago and it had some really nice views. More moderately trafficked due to proximity to the Nature Center.

I can see where this would be a difficult trail to follow during full foliage. I loved this hike, and we added the green blazed trail toward the end. The easiest place to park and pick up the trail is at the Nature Center, not the entrance as marked on the AllTrails map. Recommended for leashed pups. Be warned, the trail may not be officially open for the season yet and the insane windstorms this week downed trees which makes for a bit of awkward and sometimes difficult bushwhacking to get around the obstacles. This was a serene, quiet and gorgeous hike on a 50 degree winter day. Note: it is about 50% wilderness, 50% obviously suburban with homes along the park. It did not significantly detract from the experience, since the beautiful river, marsh, stream and pond views more than made up for it.

This trail was OK and it had several benches to rest on. I hiked clockwise. Between the picnic area and the power lines the trail got within 30 to 50 feet people‘s backyard. At one point, the trail was within 5 feet of someone backyard. The trail was overgrown.

9 months ago

Great hike and I also check out the nature center. Also, i hiked a side trail (Beaver Trail) to check out beaver pond and dam.

I would not call this path kid friendly. It was highly overgrown and not well maintained or used. there were many times where I was not sure which way to go to follow the path however it is very shady and not very hilly

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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Partly paved, partly wooded trail in Watkins Regional Park. Lots of kids and families on the paved piece that leads to a playground and minigolf, but didn't come across anyone on the wooded part. Nice mostly flat trail with a couple of very slightly steep sections. A couple of nice water features with wooden bridge walkways. There were two sections with trees across the trail - easy enough to step over but might be hard for someone with knee problems or the elderly.

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