4 days ago

I live local,and this was my first time doing the whole loop. The beginning part of the trail is wide, well groomed and flatish. I think of it as an upper and a lower loop. The upper loop is a steeper, moderate hike, the trail is single track and fairly overgrown in some spots. We saw lots of local wildlife, including a turtle, and many birds, and a beaver dam. There was a also a house from the 1800's and a 300 yr old white oak tree to see. I enjoyed the hike!

mountain biking
8 days ago

I ride here often and would consider myself an intermediate rider. There are plenty of challenges and miles and miles of trails. Many of which I have never ventured into. Lots of challenging climbs, long downhills and some challenges you will discover. Be wary of hikers and dog walkers closer to the nature center as bikers must give right of way to hikers and an occasional horse. Map your ride and if you find yourself "lost", just head towards the nature center direction.

Not marked well

horseback riding
23 days ago

2 months ago

I hike and run here often with my dogs. The main loop is about 1.8 miles but there are offshoot trails that go further up and back. Off of the main loop, it is not well marked whatsoever and trail maps online are not very accurate. The trails also overlap with the equestrian trails. Don't get me wrong, I love Hashawha, but it's not ideal for trail runs over 3 miles or moderate-long hikes.

Decent parking, most everyone is friendly, dogs welcome, lots of wildlife.

Few different trails to choose from. my favorite is the vista trail aka white trail takes you next to the raptor cages. I have pictures posted. I love looking at the birds especially the bald eagle.

Family friendly!