Tuckahoe Creek, a quiet country stream bordered for most of its length by wooded marshlands, runs through the length of the park. A 60-acre lake offers boating and fishing. The park offers 20 miles of scenic hiking, biking and equestrian trails, flat water canoeing, hunting, picnicking, as well as a recycled tire playground for children. The park offers activities and special events on a seasonal basis. Activities include day camps, canoe trips, Scales & Tales presentations and displays, and Challenge Course programs. Each weekend, Memorial Day through Labor Day, park staff offer a number of free family activities. Check out flyers posted throughout the park or call the park office for more details.

I attempted to hike this trail today. I’ll suggest that if it has rained recently DO NOT GO. Trail was flooded up to waist deep at points and I forded the creek at least 5 times getting to chest deep water once. Was not safe. I should of turned around but kept telling myself it must get better. That all being said it is probably the prettiest, most diverse trail with some sort of distance in the Delmarva region. I only completed the Tuckahoe Valley Trail as I did not take the Pee Wee because it too was flooded. I took the New Trail back. I’d do this hike again in a heartbeat when it warms up and drys out.

Absolutely beautiful trail! When I hiked it yesterday there were two places where large trees blocked the trail, and three instances of substantial flooding (one almost impassible). Probably just seasonal, but be prepared if you’re planning on this hike soon. Otherwise a great time!

Awesome view and has all skill levels for riding!

The best mountain biking on the eastern shore. creekside cliff, pee wees, and the lake trail are all fun and flowy. several jumps and drops hidden throughout the park as well!

Fun trail. lots of nature. Will do again but after some maintenance is done on the fallen trees over the path and a bridge is reset for crossing small stream.

This is a really nice trail and probably the best one on the eastern shore side of Maryland. lots of ups and downs, info signs along the way about trees and plants. Little bridges to cross over the water and lots of peace and quiet.

mountain biking
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Long trail with interesting terrain and beautiful scenery. Nothing comparable on the eastern shore. Decent trails, some parts Sandy or pitted by horses... nothing good tires can't handle. My go-to trail!

Lake Trail was short but definitely my favorite part of the park!

Date: 3/21/2017 Great Hike

this trail has a little bit of everything. various small bridges ro cross the creeks, some rickety some mich nicer. variety of small elevation changes. used this trail to train for an Appalachian Trail hike planned next month. my son and I hiked with full weighted backpacks for training purposes.

11 mile loop. The trails are varied, pine groves, flats, hills, wood bridges, stone chip bike paths. Some sections require a quick tick check after passing through, being narrower or having taller grass.

my bestie and i did the nature walks around the campground then kayaked in the water...⛵

I hike this trail last sunday it is nice but gets confusing when you try to fine the orange loop, but its a
nice hike just to get out on.

Lake Trail- Nice easy trail through the woods. No view of the lake but trail meanders through the woods and over some small streams. Less than a mile out.

mountain biking
Tuesday, October 03, 2017

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