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Went in late summer & connected a few trails to create a rigorous 10 mile loop. Great views, good workout. Some steep rocky sections but mostly well maintained. A good option for a variety of difficulty levels as there are tons of parking and trail options.

28 days ago

Great walk - will be back

Due to bad road conditions on the mountain I had to park on a field off of Comus Rd. This allowed me to incorporate more of the Mountain Loop Trail to the summit adding a little over 3 miles to the loop. Thankfully, it was just snow, so the trails weren't too treacherous. The markers at the summit can get confusing. Some trails leading off the summit are way easier to walk down than others. I can't wait to retry this extended loop when it gets a bit warmer.

The tough-but-not-backbreaking difficulty here was the best part. Views are indeed great, but I did think they were a hair overblown; the hype had me expecting something on par with Harper's Ferry.

Easy to get confused - markings are just ok, and with multiple places to park, you might get turned around without a plan. However, driving the loop and stopping several times could very well get you nearly a whole day well-spent here. You're not supposed to gawk at the mansions on the way down, but I did, and I have no regrets.

on White Trail

2 months ago

This was a decent trail overall but not super exciting or unique. The signage isn't very clear- we missed a turn and did not get to the overlook or the peak the first time around so we did the beginning part of the trail again. If you want to see an overlook you have to go follow signs towards the "East View Parking." From there you can either turn back and continue on the White Trail or take the Orange Trail up towards the peak. To get to the peak from the East View Parking, follow the Red Trail, Green Trail, walk along the road a bit, then you can get back onto the White Trail. This was much better than doing just The White Trail alone. The part walking on the road was fine because it was a weekday but I can see that being a busier road on weekends so be careful. I believe the last time I hiked Sugarloaf I did the "Sugarloaf Mountain and Northern Peaks Trail" which was much better, but more challenging. White Trail is a good choice if you want a more easy-going hike.

2 months ago

Very calming views and too much color for the eyes

Easy trail. Great for introducing kids to hiking. Most segments would be good for trail running as well. Completed circuit with family in just over 2 hours.

My dog and us all loved it! Nice hike in the woods with several good view points!

We hiked a combination of trails at Sugarloaf for a total of 9 miles. The views are great all around but we ran into several people on the trails who got turned around. The marking system is sufficient but could use a updating. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful and semi-challenging hike it provided diverse terrain and just enough flat to give knees and ankles respite

Trail provided diverse terrain and changing scenery. The inclines created a moderate level of difficulty with plenty of easy portions intermixed.

Been planning to do this trail for several years but wanted to wait for a weekday when I was off work and fewer people were around as I've read other reviews saying how popular this place is. Parked in the East lot after winding my way up the roads. I actually thought to myself after driving up near the top "well this stinks. I wanted to climb to the top, not drive". Took the orange trail up the top and was instantly grateful that I got a head start by car. Initial scramble up the top was tough but not impossible. And frankly it paled in comparison to the strenuousness of the full 7 miles I did. Lots up ups and downs with 300' elevation changes each time. Great scenery, awesome workout, and beautiful trail. Only missed one blaze but caught it before I got too far down the incline.

6 months ago

Always enjoy sugarloaf mountain ... make sure to do the stairs in both directions!

pleasantly surprised by elevation changes and the views from the white rocks.

6 months ago

Not to busy, shaded, rocky but no ankle twisters, marked well, just enough elevation to know you are on a mountain

This hike was a bit rough at parts because of the intense incline, but once we made it to the top, it was all worth it.

Enjoyable Trail busy for the first mile than wide open

Great set of trails. Lots of combinations, I can go back and do a different path. Get there early!

I made the mistake as a beginner and selected the Orange Trail. I hiked less than a mile and was done because the incline was too steep for me. Other than that I look forward to trying the other trails.

I mean, it's aight. Not too much of a hike but still fun to do with friends. We found this one random dude who wanted to look for a cave off the cliff so we went rock climbing on the side. Was actually pretty cool.

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