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A moderately challenging and well-maintained trail. While it’s billed as a lightly trafficked loop, there was a good amount of traffic on the trail. Not sure if this is always the case. I’m certain the first fall-like weather weekend of the year contributed to the number of people out there.

11 days ago

We hiked the blue trail and it was a lovely hike!

11 days ago

Hike will test a bit. Limited views of the valley below. Definitely recommend avoiding the weekend crowds.

12 days ago

This was a perfect hike very close to Washington DC. A privately owned mountain is very well kept. As you arrive turn up the one way road and head to the the west view parking lot which is ample. There you will find the trail head going west at the circle to the east up the hill to the left. We chose the start going west and found the hike well marked and very rocky. The almost 6 mile hike with a stop at white rock overlook took us less than 3 hours but at times with some changes in elevations but nothing difficult. Great hike!

Nice variety of trail loops with same great views.

1 month ago

Nice, shaded walk. It's a loop, so half of the hike will be pretty flat/downhill/easy, while the second half heads back uphill and is challenging. Picnic tables along the way for lunch, and not heavily trafficked. We brought our dog and she loved it.

Good trail, good view. But too many mosquitoes, and the markers are inapparent and confusing.

very nice trail, ample parking to be had. went on a sunday morning and the main area/main overlook was PACKED. if you want some time to yourself and pictures i suggest going off weekend. once you get out of the main overlook the trails are good and much less congested. the two overlooks in the back had no one there and i was able to eat lunch solo. sugarloaf also gets points for trail markers along the trails not just at the crossroads. that was a nice touch.

Beautiful nature but poorly marked blazes on parts of the blue trail. At one point we may not have been on the trail at all as the path was very overgrown and narrow on the east side of the mountain.

Good level of challenging, some steep parts but such a well made path it was no problem. Ample parking (with video security), free (with donations recommended), great views and different path options. Overall great hike!

Great hike. Fairly easy, but White Rocks( north and south) has scenic views. I will agree some of the markings(blazes) were difficult to see. My wife and I did lose the trail at one point. However, given this property is part of a foundation, I am very thankful we have access to it. Worth the hike.

The blue trail is beautiful and rugged. It is poorly marked in one spot. We took the wrong path and had to back track. We came across a Timber Rattlesnake on the trail.

Went on a rainy day. It was still fun although a bit slippery.

2 months ago

Solid trail. Intersects the trails that lead to the overlook at the top of sugarloaf.

The Blue Trail was an enjoyable but challenging walk in the woods. I found myself going up and down a lot. The trail markings were a bit confusing at first and it can be pretty easy to go off the trail if you're not careful. It wasn't too hot considering it was mid July when I did this. I had fun spotting all the different granite intrusions in the rocks. The summit at White Rocks was breathtaking.

Lots of inclines on the Blue trail. I would rate this harder then moderate. I was sucking a lot of air on those steep inclines.

Park is beautiful but the lack of adequate blazes and trail markers sadly makes me rate this loop 2 stars.

the trails get poorly marked as you go further in. we completely missed a turn off for the blue trail and wasted a lot of time. it was disappointing not being able to do the full loop as originally planned. we might try another day

3 months ago

A great way to escape Maryland's liberal bullshit.

Nice little hike. Some parts were little steep.

Great hike with great views! Pick up map when you enter park. Orange trail is steep, but short (0.25 mile), climb to summit of Sugarloaf at 1,282 ft elevation. (Climb from parking lot is around 400 feet.) Many surrounding trails allow you to customize your hike and length. I did this trail as mapped out to Northern Peak and White Rocks. Most of the hike, except for the steep Orange Trail climb, is easy. Beautiful Mountain Laurel on the trail, nice scenery around, mostly shaded. Would definitely do this hike again!

Quick and easy hike with beautiful views. Went two Friday afternoons ago and the parking lot was almost empty.

4 months ago

This is a delightful trail through the woods, with a couple scenic overlooks over the surrounding countryside. I especially liked the ferns. There was a particularly large and impressive rock formation at one spot, like a granite wall 20' high. Most of the trail was easy to walk on. Some was a little rocky - lots of stepping-stone sized rocks jutting out of the dirt, which isn't too bad but you have to watch your step and it slows you down somewhat. There were just a few muddy sections, and only one where it was bad enough that your shoes would sink in halfway, but it was short (maybe 10' long). Realize it had rained most of the day before. The beginning climbs relatively steeply (a 300 ft climb according to the map) - the only part I would call strenuous. You can pace yourself if it's hard for you. Going down that section would probably be a pain, so I would do this loop clockwise. I did this trail because I wanted a hilly workout, but it wasn't quite that. Much of the trail was dirt and didn't require much concentration, so you could just take in the woodsy beauty. All in all, a very pleasant trail that's pretty easy for anyone with good balance and not a total couch potato.

Great hike for hikers seeking a drastic elevation climb.

Really good hike!! Terribly marked on trails and where things are. We got lost at one point. But overall good views and plenty to see!

Amazing place and trek on the blue trail was awesome and it took 6 miles approximately. It took 2.5 hours for finishing with breaks . Misty day but I completely enjoyed the trek

4 months ago

Hiked this trail on a Thursday. Not very heavily trafficked. A few other hikers and two runners. The view at White Rocks is nice and the view near our parking area was amazing. Nice area and well maintained trail.

5 months ago

About halfway through this hike I was saying it should have been rated easy... by the end I was completely exhausted! I am training for a backpacking trip so I did this hike with a 25-30 pound backpack on which made the incline portions pretty difficult. It was great practice and a beautiful hike. Towards the end we came across a parking lot and thought we were at the end but it was not the west view parking lot and that made the last mile or so much harder. We also got off the trail a couple of times but always found our way back without too much trouble. We went on a beautiful spring day and there weren't too many people on the trail.

We started in the East View parking lot and went up the orange trail to see the peak of sugar loaf (steep, but quick) from there we made our way to the blue trail to go out to White Rocks look out (somehow got sidetracked off the blue trail for awhile...). Then we continued on the blue (then white) trail to get back to the parking lot. Nice and steady up and down, so never felt too strenuous. Arrived around 9:30 and wasn’t too crowded; by the time we were leaving (1:30) it was quite crowded. If we go again we might start down at the entrance gate in order to have more of an elevation climb.

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