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Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area (NEA) is comprised of 1,900 acres of serpentine barren. The area has over 39 rare, threatened, or endangered plant species as well as rare insects, rocks and minerals. Rare grassland plant species are threatened by invasion of Virginia Pines. Currently, a five year effort of removing 1,000 acres of pines and prescribed burning are underway to return the area to natural serpentine habitat. Gnarled tree at Soldiers Delight There are seven miles of marked hiking trails. Equestrians and cyclists are prohibited due to the sensitive nature of the area. The visitor center has meeting rooms, a reference library and exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the area. The visitor center is located at 5100 Deer Park Road in Owings Mills, Maryland. Call in advance to get current visitor center hours and upcoming events. Soldiers Delight has two areas (at Ward Chapel Road and Deer Park Road) open for bow hunting from November 15, 2008 to January 31, 2009. A valid managed hunt permit is required. In addition, a Patapsco Valley/Soldiers Delight annual bow hunting parking permit is required. This permit is valid at Patapsco Valley State Park, Soldiers Delight NEA and Morgan Run NEA only. For further information, please refer to the hunting guide (see below).

21 days ago

You must park on Wards Chapel .

Walk down the private drive and be respectful to owner.

Trail is located after bridge on left.

I checked Baltimore County land plot and the bridge and private drive are all owned by Baltimore City. (not sure who maintains it)

There must be an easement. Just avoid walking past the trail head into private property.

Tail need a little TLC but is very beautiful

Hiked with 2 of my sons and our dog during the beginning stage of snow storm first weekend of March 2018 and enjoyed the beautiful surrounding scenery with the falling snow. Trail was muddy but easy to navigate. Enjoyed the history along the way.

off trail
over grown
washed out
2 months ago

2 months ago

This trail offers an experience of a beautiful wide-open landscape I didn't know was naturally occurring anywhere in the Baltimore region.

3 months ago

I did this hike early April 2018 you start off using the mine trail to get to the red run loop, which in April was pretty swampy at the start and the signage was a little confusing. But on the go the trail was nice a bit narrow at times because of the intense brush but then it fans out towards the dolefield side where you get panoramic views of some townhouses backyards. All wasn’t lost I did sight several deer and lots of birds. All in all a nice loop of the mine trail.

I did this hike in mid April 2018, it was a good trail clearly marked a little rocky and muddy for spring. In the mornings you can expect to see maybe one dog walker but only on that part of the trail that intersects the mine trail. The remainder of the trail takes you pretty close to dolefield road, housing and at one point right on the boundary of someone’s home. Not a good trail if you’re looking for quiet solace and to commune by yourself with nature.

3 months ago

I actually hiked this trail March of 2018. A little early as the trail was muddy but easily recognized. It’s like being in a different state due to the terrain features. The history is very interesting with lots of historical debris just off trail... cars remains of houses, old mine shafts.

Great trail in great area, final section at V-turn on Dolfield Trail the trail has turned into a creek bed ~ 3-5in of water. Otherwise, well-marked and fairly vacant even on a Saturday morning.

Love this trail. I don't have to get in my car to drive to a trail. And this place is beautiful

Very wet trail today - like a creek bed in many spots. Beautiful; rare savanna in Maryland

I’m a big fan of grasslands and bird watching, and there was plenty of both. I have a good time whenever I hike the trail. Probably not the best hike if you don’t tolerate muggy weather. It’s especially gorgeous when there’s fog.

while a good hike.... very Hot ... not much shade for most of it... BRING PLENTY OF WATER

Private property now is on the trailhead.

Nice hiking trail, goes past/along a stream.

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8 months ago

ran this trial 2 days ago. had to slow down because of being rocky at points. i enjoyed the run, cant emagine how bikes will make it though. easy to follow tree colors. i saw only a friendly lady walking her dog. had a little mud but nothing to get soggy feet.

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9 months ago

Nice wide path, mostly flat so easy for the kids. We enjoyed the side trails, one was a boardwalk. I didn't realize the trail stops being paved a little after the Dolfield Rd bridge (we started at Red Run blvd). We tried riding the dirt trail but it was too challenging for our 5 year old. The dirt portion is narrow, a little bumpy, and much more hilly with switchbacks.

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11 months ago

Rather unique rocky terrain, with some challenging spots. Nice!

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not a tough hike but peaceful. Can walk this trail several times a week, plus when your done you can go to the Nature sanctuary.

Super interesting hike for MD, but some of the areas can get a bit confusing on the left side of the main road since part of the trail has been rerouted for grass regrowth. The right side is great if you're looking to collect animal bones!

Not a tough hike, but it's different than most hikes in MD that I've done. The terrain changes at several different parts of the trail, which is a nice change of scenery on a decently long hike! Really beautiful and bonus - there's a little history here, so if you have time it's worth stopping to read the signs and check out the sights for a little MD history!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I have hiked it twice, but the trails ate not kept up and the thrones are starting to over grow the trail head
if you don't mind climbing or going around fallen tree's it the trail for you. also there is another trail that is there but completely over grown
It the white trail.

Monday, February 05, 2018

beautiful trail that takes you through a wide variety of terrain

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Great easy trail with wide paved area and easy off path trails. Great for walking your dog.

road biking
Monday, October 23, 2017

Took my kids 11 and 5 biking on this path. Perfect for training wheels or for learning to ride since it’s mostly level and the path is paved and very few ppl on it. If you start on Red Run Blvd, about a half mile down you will encounter a closed gate that says “trail ends” and beyond the gate is the Dolfield Rd & Pleasant Hill Rd intersection and bridge. But if you brave the traffic and cross that bridge, the paved trail continues another mile beyond that. However, then the pavement will end and you need to continue on foot to continue to the Soldiers Delight area. We simply turned around and went back to the beginning for a total of 2 miles. Nice and shaded too.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nice after work hike.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Nice hike. Also, check out the nature center.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Nice hike. Saw a few mine shafts.

trail running
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New to the Owings Mills area, and wanted to try something closer to home. Even though it weaves in and around the edge of developments, there are some really nice pockets of nature and quietude. When asphalt turns into dirt trail, the trails are really root filled or rock filled making the trail run a nice challenge. Stumbling into the old mine entrance was also really cool. Ended up taking this trail out to the serpentine loop which has a nice overlook of soldiers delight area. Easy to get to with back roads and a few parking spots at the trailhead.

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