Biked in fall of 2015 and enjoyed with caveats. First it’s flat and straight. Some nice views along the way and a lot of history to check out, and it’s mainly in the shade. But the trail maintenance is poor, lots of roots to discover and if it’s wet, the mud will be miserable. Discovered that it turns to cement when built up between tire and fenders. Like a third brake. Paw paw tunnel was really “cool” and dark. Nice camping spots along the way as well as lock houses that can be rented.

Just finished the Gap Trail this fall and what a difference. This followed the rail lines to Pittsburgh over the continental divide and you’d never know you were climbing 1800’ in a half days ride. No roots to wake you and mostly in the shade. Nice views along several different rivers. Viaduct was spectacular as was Big Savage tunnel. And Amtrak will bring you and your bike back to Cumberland!

Much better ride than C&O.

this was long and flat and boring. I did the longest day hike with the sierra club 100k so out and back and the highlight of the day was a thunderstorm. this would be fun for bike packing or a long walk with the fam but as a hike it left a lot to be desired. take extra precautions if you're allergic to poison ivy/oak/sumac because it's rampant.

Easy trail for me and my 14 year old dog. Also lots of cool things to discover along the way

road biking
Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easy bike trail for all, including the handicapped.

mountain biking
Thursday, October 18, 2012