Nice after work walk, the Temperature was in the mid 70’s. Nice view of the river below. So some people fishing in the river. On both sides of the river, there are several historical structures. Check out Savage Mill Mall.

very muddy today , otherwise it was a wonderful hike !

Red, Yellow and green trails is almost 4 miles. Ice on the rivers was amazing.

2 months ago

we expected more things to do on the trail. just good for walk.

Hiked the Green Trail. It was scenic and quiet. Trail markers were well placed besides a visible trail. There is a steep path on the right side of a loop that may prove to be challenging going up or down but is generally manageable.

Not bad, but nothing special. You do get to spend some time by the water here, and it's easy without being too boring. Nice short little loop.

nice peaceful hiking and jogging area

Good Hike. Remember the bug spray in the summer when you are near the river!

trail running
6 months ago

Nice trail, they could've done a better job marking where the trail continues in some areas (e.g. by Patuxent Branch Middle(or was it High?) School).

nice hike, multiple trails that go along the water, decent parking. very peaceful

6 months ago

Moderate? It was flat and paved and posed no difficulty. I wouldn't call this a trail. More like a paved suburban path.

We really enjoyed hiking the Green and a little of the Blue trails this time.

nice park. can put trails together how ever you like and only 200 yards from little patuxent trail. played in River and not nearly as crowded as patapsco

We really enjoyed walking on the Red Trail this time. It was very scenic. next time we will explorer other trail options.

trail running
8 months ago

Always a nice peaceful nearby connection to nature

Took our boys hiking, a little difficult with a stroller but thankfully we had a great off road stroller! Was a great little hike. Water was nice to walk along beside.

We wanted to go for a hike nearby for Mother's Day. It was a perfect day for it. Due to the recent rain, we also wanted a location that wasn't too muddy. The trail was not that crowded, surprisingly and it was beautiful. There are two reasons that I didn't give it 5 stars. First, there were several forks in the trail that were not clearly marked. This is where the All Trails app came in REALLY handy! Second, because it is so close to major roads and highways, it took away from the peaceful nature of the beautiful scenery. So when you look at all the beautiful pictures, keep that in mind. Other than that, it was a perfect day!

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