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February has been feeling more like Spring. The temperatures made it into the 60's which was great for getting out on the trails. It seems to always rain the day before we get these high pressure temperatures. Once again, most all of the trails are a bit muddy if you are in the low terrain areas. Higher sections of the trails dry out much faster. I saw a few people on the trails but it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I hiked this area because I have been deal with plantar fasciitis and wanted the distance but a location that was mainly flat. Beside it being muddy, it was a great hike. Being a senior, ever day on the trail is a great day. The terrain is not as hard or bad as the elevation lines show on the grid.

Rockburn trail is a moderate scenic forest ride with a few sand traps, lots of roots and 4-6 inch logs to jump. Morning Choice is a hard ride with berms, stream crossings, tight switchbacks and constant 6-12 inch logs. Definitely a chance to work on skills.

First try taking my hybrid "off road." Loved it. Nice loop trail with good variety and not too difficult for MB novices like me. Will like it even more when I take plunge into investing in a real deal mountain bike.

Didn't want to do the full 7.1 miles, so I did this 4.5 mile loop. Just follow the Yellow then Purple Trail markings. Clockwise loop will have less uphills. A few open fields, some steep hills and 3 stream crossings, and a great moderate level hike overall. Mountain Bikers were very courteous! Watch out for poison ivy on the narrow portions. There was quite a bit. Parking at Landing Rd (side of the road) will probably be full at peak times.

Definitely a confusing route! Great for dogs! A little busy with bikers, but they were all polite. I would have gotten on the wrong trails if it wasn't for AllTrails!

I live right next to these trails, I can walk to it. They are very nice to bike on, and very peacful excersise.

Good trails through the woods and across some streams, with a few abandoned structures to see.

Connects to lots of great trail running and mountain biking trails. Some trails skirt residential neighborhoods.

No trail markers and not maintained well. Too close to residential areas. Would be good for mountain biking.

Great trail, lots of hills and difficult terain. Good sized loop

Surrounded by houses and large power lines. Infested with glass, which I was scared for my dog, sport games and all the sounds entailing such, and onstantly hearing leaf blowers. Of the 3 hrs I had 10 min of quiet. I would have rated 1 star but seeing my dog run through the creek was awesome.

poorly marked and no maps. too close to ball fields and residential neighborhood

went to skills park. very nice. didnt see any signs for mountatin bike/ hiking trails. great park, just would like better signage from roads or once on trails.

Quick access to Patapsco Valley State Park, right across Landing Rd. Super trails for biking and running.

Great time. First time on trails. Son and I will go many more times. They are adding a supper hard trail in june

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