awesome place to take the family.

It was a nice, quiet, scenic walk. The trails are well blazed. The trail varies from a natural dirt trail to a paved trail. Not rough on dog's paws, no boots needed. We stayed on the trail, which was an easy hike, but there were a lot of places to go off trail if someone is looking for a slightly more difficult hike. Due to high algae levels, water access was not permitted (though the lake & river still look beautiful).


We hiked this trail with our 5 kids (ages 1-9) and our whole family enjoyed it. The kids loved crossing over the water where lakeside trail and muncaster intercepted on the north side of the park. It was only knee high deep that they were able to play in the water there. We were able to hike the trail with our double wasn't easy but if you're up for the challenge it's definitely doable! We will be back :)

I consider this my home hiking area. Have done it to many times to count due to ease of access to it. Walking briskly you can do the loop in about an hour. There is one stream crossing that has to be done to complete the loop. it is a decent hike considering you are in the middle of a very suburban area.