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I love this trail because it is a great place to walk that isn't too strenuous. It is pretty flat so it is good for people of all ability levels. I love walking small sections as well as going from Aspen Hill Local Park to Lake Needwood and to Lake Bernard Frank. The only downside is that there are parts where you have to cross roads.

The trail is closed. They had a “detour” so we thought that eventually we would get to the trail but they are renovating pretty much the whole thing. You walk through the city and basically walk a mile out of the way to not not see anything. Would have rather driven to the park /spring and parked in the residential area to check out other trails in the park. I wish there was a notice that the trail was actually CLOSED and not put up the detour sign.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We just did a portion of this trail and loved it, about to hit the entire trail in a week

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Enjoy the trail while it remains quiet! The Purple Line light rail has been approved and will soon run along the trail. A "pedestrian path" will run alongside, but the trains will create noise, and huge swaths of trees will need to be cut down in order for it to run properly.

This is a nice trail. It's not secluded, and houses are always within earshot on the other side of the trees. The path is well-used by walkers and bikers, so stay to the right! The bikers have always given warning shouts or bell-rings in my experience, which makes this a nice shared experience.

The trail crosses a few busy streets, but there are crosswalks. Along one spot, you cross a high bridge over a creek and another trail. It's a nice place to sit and relax for a bit. I wouldn't code this as a hiking trail, really, but it is a nice way to get out in nature near the city.

And if you're hungry when you get to the Connecticut Avenue crossing, eat at Manoli Canoli. It's a great Italian restaurant!

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