Super easy to get to and dog friendly. Can get muddy during the winter/early spring thaw/freeze cycle. Also bit frustrating to run into several folks allowing their dogs to romp around off leash, especially when a couple of these dogs were not friendly and barked a lot. Would try again in the summer without a dog.

Great hike, especially with the dog

Great hike for the family and especially if you have a dog who loves to jump in the water. Bring bug spray!

Easy trail but very pretty and wooded, there is a really cool stream you can follow.

I'd say this is more easy than moderate. Maybe 2 hills, hardly any rocks or roots on the trail. It's like an easy quiet stroll through the woods which can be quite nice on the weekend. Bring bug spray, it's mosquito season, and I definitely was kicking myself for not planning ahead on that account.

Gorgeous trail! The trail is very well marked with pale blue blazes and sign posts to direct you where to go at crossroads. The only confusing point was the out and back portion. There isn't a marker to let you know that you need to turn around. You'll start seeing signs for private property and that's when you should turn around and head back the way you came. The trail offers great river views and some pretty cool rock formations. We will definitely be doing this trail again!

Lots of different types of mushrooms to see and the trails are very well maintained.

These trails are really fun. I love how they connect in many different loops, so you can create a new course each time if you'd like to. The trails are so well marked, and I didn't have any issues with navigation. I enjoyed noticing how the forest changes depending where you are on the trail, and how close you are to the river. This is a new favorite spot for me, and I will be going back.

has nice, clean trails and an interesting, sunny meadow walk. not difficult.

Minus the mountain of trash in the back it was beautiful

Awesome trails but difficult to find

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Peaceful, charming hiking trail near Olney and Waredaca farm brewery.

Friday, December 30, 2016

What a wonderful area and so far the best blazed and posted trails I've hiked. Just about impossible to lose your way. Mostly easy to moderate in difficulty the park offers several trails/loops in it's compact 650 acres. Enough to keep you busy for a while if you like. Hawlings River was the most picturesque point of interest for me since I hiked the park in December. I'll make it a point to return in the Spring/Summer when the forest is in full bloom.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Start off in an open field. Head into the woods and down to a river creek. Dogs love swimming here. Good easy hike.

trail running
Sunday, August 21, 2016

First time on this trail and I love it! Very quiet on a Saturday afternoon. Pretty decent trails for running, and with additional loops added in you can easily stretch the mileage out. Only looped the same trail twice and got a solid 5.25 miles in. With recent storms, some of the more narrow trails that run along the creek are a little overgrown and have a few branches here and there. But overall a very well maintained area and perfect for some peaceful hiking/running.

Comfortable and relatively easy hike. The trailhead wasn't noted on here so I'll tell you it's at the corner of roads Sundown and Zion. Parking was free and in a high visibility area, which enhanced the safety of my vehicle. The trail itself is a distinct common area shared by people, dogs, and horses. If you want to walk just off the beaten path like I did, you can do so and still follow the light blue marks along the tree line for directions. I personally found two Geocahces, which was awesome, but there are a lot more to be found! The picture doesn't really do the water there justice. It was just a tiny creek that I was able to walk across with ease. Overall, I definitely enjoyed it and I'll be back!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I had been itching to get out for a while a didn't want to go to far from Brookeville. Great afternoon in the woods. Starting out in an open field is a small loop nature trail which after a short 1/4 mile maybe joins the Rachel Carson Trail. Before long I was deep in the woods with some impressive old growth forest, even found a Chestnut tree. Beautiful walk along Hawlings River made for a really pleasant walk. Saw no other hikers, mostly saw evidence of horse travel. The trail in this park does share some trail with Horse back.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

We actually looped around the trails to get a 3.5 mile hike out of it. Nice quiet place and not to difficult to follow. Got to spot deer as well. For those of you who cache or letterbox, there are things for you to search as well as walk. (Including a tough cache...)

trail running
Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The park itself is somewhat small, being only 650 acres, but packs some fun within its borders. Rachel Carson Park has a few small bodies of water, including a pond with teeming with frogs and the Hawling River, which is small, but refreshingly cool in the summer as well as about 6 miles worth of trails that circle the entire park. Most of these trails are under the trees and once you get away from the borders, the area becomes quite peaceful with the sounds of the river and nature. The trails are in general very easy walks with brush overhanging the trails in parts, but staying on the paths is easy. The place is also very seldom used. The 4-5 times I've been there, I have run into no more than 3 people per trip, and none of them deeper than a half mile into the trails. Once you get to know the place, it'll feel like you'll have a little piece of nature to yourself every time you go out there.

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