Great hike for the family and especially if you have a dog who loves to jump in the water. Bring bug spray!

Easy trail but very pretty and wooded, there is a really cool stream you can follow.

I'd say this is more easy than moderate. Maybe 2 hills, hardly any rocks or roots on the trail. It's like an easy quiet stroll through the woods which can be quite nice on the weekend. Bring bug spray, it's mosquito season, and I definitely was kicking myself for not planning ahead on that account.

Gorgeous trail! The trail is very well marked with pale blue blazes and sign posts to direct you where to go at crossroads. The only confusing point was the out and back portion. There isn't a marker to let you know that you need to turn around. You'll start seeing signs for private property and that's when you should turn around and head back the way you came. The trail offers great river views and some pretty cool rock formations. We will definitely be doing this trail again!

4 months ago