Paved rails throughout. Nice open fields. Deer sightings. Open, flat big dog park, wooded small dog park on a grade. Amphitheater for outdoor concerts a plus. No vending. Nice gazebo, pond, and fountain. Kayak rental available on site near unpaved trails. Picnic tables and lovely views of the water make for a picturesque outing with family, friends, or significant others.

1 month ago

Amazing and I'm definitely coming back!!!!

Nice, relaxing walk through the woods and pretty views of the water.

7 months ago

The gravel path was perfect for pushing a jogging stroller. Beautiful tree canopy giving lots of shade. There was some off the beaten path viewpoints of the water which was spectacular. We loved it.

road biking
8 months ago

The ride was good, easy and enjoyable. Only 4 stars because the South River Overlook is closed until further notice and that was what we were looking forward to. Hi Marty!!

It was a nice hike, however we were in the middle of a 5k and 10k unknowingly. It was a bit irritating that the race sponsors had a loud system cranking music and shouting for people as they crossed the finish line.

We expected a nice quiet hike, and instead were bombarded with inspirational workout music and an annoying voice of an announcer while enjoying beautiful views.

If the race wasn't there it would've been a 5/5 stars for us.

The side off road trails need to be better marked. Occasionally there was a red mark on the backsides if trees and the entry points off the paved paths were not clearly marked at all. But once you find the pathways it was so much better then the paved paths. Just be careful if crossing paths without directions. A trail map was hugely helpful for us.

1 year ago

trail running
1 year ago

Didn't realize it was $5 to park until we got there, free with military ID. We ended up parking in the shopping center lot because they only take cash or check. Southern viewing portion of the trail was closed due to construction. Ice skating rink set up. My 7 year old rode his bike with me. Pretty park and we had a good time.

Wife and I hiked this trail 11/20 and very much enjoyed the day. It’s probably worth pointing out that this is a large park and has lots of services (pavilions, skating rink, function hall, playgrounds, etc…) But for hiking Rich below is spot on the real treat is to get off the paved walkway onto the red blaze trail. The map we received form the visitor center was very lacking (B&W copy on ½ page) and I found useless. Fortunately, I had the alltrails ap on my phone. So we quickly located a good point to get onto the red blaze trail. It is not well marked and with all the leaves on the ground I had to refer to the GPS map several times. Well worth it, easy hike, some great water views. I would hike again (and also go back to rent a Kayak)

trail running
1 year ago

On the surface, this seems be be just paved bike path, albeit through a lovely wooded area. But if you pay close attention, you'll see side trails along the path that link up to a red blazed trail that winds around the creek and south river. There is about 6-7 miles of trails with some fun elevation changes and great water views. Also some amazing old growth trees, which you don't see much in this area. Have a blast!

Was a good trail with lots of places to stop and eat if you wanted to do more of a bbq type thing. Nice walk and pretty flat with the occasional small hills. We saw lots of very tame deer and fawns which was nice. The only thing I didn't like about the park was that they were using pesticides in one area for termites. I'm guessing they have to due to some sort of state or county regulation, but was unfortunate to see none the less the signs to not enter the wooded area there because of the pesticides. It costs to get in and they only take cash. Luckily we are veterans and we were told that we could get in free this time, but to make sure to take out DD214's to get a pass not only for this park but for many others in the area for free. We were also given a map and helpful information for free upon entering which was nice. This was our first on this site and for some reason when we checked in on my phone it was able to check us in and follow our location, but never started the clock or reported where we had been so still not sure how to do that :(