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Pen Mar Park to Old Route 16 and back. Some inclines throughout. Rocky here and there but bo scrambling. Nice to come back to music in the park after the hike.

My favorite part of the AT. Trail is well maintained and the shelters are always in good condition

Went with my boyfriend and a group of close friends- the trail was a good challenge but not enough water supply! The maps showed different streams we were supposed to be passing but there was nothing for roughly 8 miles. The AllTrails map is wrong, so I suggest checking different resources before planning a trip to this section! We went uphill over huge rocks for miles. The view is great once you get to the overlook. There are lots of campers and through hikers but enough space for everyone, that’s for sure.

I read a lot of reviews on this trail before going. I rated it 4 stars because it is one of the harder trails in MD, while the views aren't that spectacular, but still beautiful. We brought quite a bit of water and our filter systems because we knew there were only supposed to be a few water sources. There ended up being only one water source, despite what the map showed, and the terrain is on the harder side of moderate. There are many steep sections where with a lot of rocks. It was a tough couple of days for sure, in 90's and incredible humidity. When we got to the spring it was refreshing and we were able to fill our packs. The shelters are nice but PACKED as this is part of the Appalachian trail. Camping was nice but the bugs are terrible even with bug spray. That's the summer for you tho and it's the same everywhere. The views are amazing in the few spots you can see out, but there is a road attached so people can drive there. We found a heard of teenagers at the top hanging out near their cars. This is why I said they aren't the best. Compared to say, Maine, these leave a bit to be desired. It was a great trip, definitely worth the experience, but expect it to be pretty difficult and over-prepare on the water if you're going during the summer. Spring and Fall probably wouldn't be too bad, but Winter with snow might be almost undoable. Map is wrong on Alltrails, you start in the Pen Mar park in PA not too far from Waynesboro, but not in Waynesboro. Park outside of the park, walk into the park and go left of the pavilion to the trail. The sign is marked and if you go right you continue the Appalachian trail north into PA. This trail heads south into MD. The other side goes North into PA. Total trail length somewhere around 9.6 miles and then back so almost 20 miles with going down to the spring and back. The water source is 0.4 miles down hill from the Raven shelter. Ensign Cowell shelter is roughly another 4.5 miles further south. I think I would like to do this trail in the fall when the temperature is low. I'm pretty sure it would be more enjoyable then. Overall great trail, experience and views.

Quite the day hike. Views and climbing are concentrated in the first 10 miles.

Decided to do an overnight on this trail. Got a totally idyllic camping spot between two streams. I would certainly describe this trail as strenuous, if only for the footwork involved. Very rocky, and my poor dog was limping on our way back. We somehow lost the trail on the way back, so keep the blazes in sight, especially on your long descent into the Pen Mar area. The forest setting was nice, but there wasn’t a lot of scenery variation, which made the hike feel longer than it was. A few road crossings, so the middle of the hike is spoiled by traffic noise. But all in all enjoyable. Shockingly, didn’t find a single tick and came home with only one mosquito bite.

pretty! go through the park and hop on the trail! left to PA right through MD

First 10 miles rather rocky, then much more manageable after that. Trail well marked for the most part. Travers 2 state parks with bathrooms and water. View from the Weaverton Cliffs is awesome.

The current map for this trail is incorrect. The description is still correct though. You travel South from Penmar (not North) and it's only about 9.5 miles. This section of the Appalachian Trail is probably the most difficult section in Maryland, but the views from the overlooks are worth it. There is a parking lot just South of the shelter on Wolfsville Road so you can place a car there if you decide to only do point to point, or as a bail out option if you decide to go further down the trail to another point.

Completed this trail as a part of the Terapin Trail club for the 4 state challenge. We started at Key's Gap in VA and hiked to Pen Mar for a total of ~45 miles in 18 hours. The portion near Pen Mar at High Rock is very rocky and there are lots of scrambles where the trail is not very clearly marked, though if patient most blazes are within sight of the previous blaze. Apart from a smattering of boulder fields near northern Maryland, the rest of the trail is well marked and pretty easy going. Had lots of fun doing this challenge, ended up with some very battered feet and sore legs but it was well worth it.

Decent hike with variety of rocks and streams to keep it interesting. Did not expect the nice lookout at Pen Mar Park. Would definitely suggest the short drive down to High Rock if parked in that area.

Completely inaccurate and misleading. The shelter on this trail is Raven Rock not Ed Harvey. This is not anywhere near Ed Garvey

Great trail to do in the rain.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Got lost, and didn’t make it to the rock. Very rocky with tough stepping.

took the challenge with a friend two days ago. we never rested before hand so technically we were awake about 40 hours around time of completion. we got dropped off on a random road near pen mar park ,mason/dixon line around 2:30 am. had a very slow start as it was rocky and somewhat difficult to trek at a good pace even with headlamps. this took us (in my opinion) a sluggish 21 hours to finish mainly due to sleep depravity (16 hours moving time, 5hours downtime). i tried to pack about 11,500 calories for the hike. cant say i loved doing this, was more so for the challenge aspect, after a while my body felt as if it were on auto pilot. i highly recommend using a shoe/boot with a rock plate. also would have rather slept that evening and started fresh at 5am. dont recommend trying to drive afterwards either

This is an unofficial/official challenge for AT thru-hikers - to complete the entire length of the AT from the VA/WV border to the MD/PA border (~42 miles, depending on map) in 24 hours. Due to the well-maintained and clearly marked trails, along with the fair amount of ridge walking, this challenge is tough but fair. The scree and rock gardens are the primary obstacles here, as well as a couple of wicked descents that can be tough on knees and ankles. This part of the trail is awesome for history as well, passing through several historic landmarks and battle sites, as well as several monuments that are almost literally on trail. Going north to south, Harper's Ferry is a great ending location, with easy walking along the Potomac on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath. We left at 5 am and got to the VA border at 10:15 pm on the money. Tough but so fun!!

Troop 37 went on this hike and we had a great time the hike was great walk and a good over night

There is limited parking at the Trail Head in Penmar. We did not want to finish at route 30 so we pushed a little farther to Ridge Rd where there is also limited parking. I broke this trip down to 2 days so my boys (8 and 10) wouldn't get burnt out. We hiked most of the day, played in the woods, splashed in some creeks, and then stopped for the night at the Antietam Shelter. Creek is clean and clear and a good source to refill from. Had I known earlier we would have stayed the night at the Tumbling Run Shelter just a mile further North. Tumbling Run is much nicer and very well cared for. This area is so large that overnight backpackers will not bother the through hikers. The rest of the hike was a good push and we finished tired and happy!

Probably the most technical section of the AT through MD. Lots of rocks about a mile and a half out from Pen Mar.

Did this one sobo with scouts. Pretty steep switchbacks as we got closer to PenMar. Working bathrooms were very welcome at trail's end. GREAT view from park and very near mid-way point of Appalachian Trail.

26 days ago

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