Located in Howard and Montgomery counties, along the upper 12 miles of the Patuxent River, the park is comprised of 6,700 acres of natural areas and farmlands. Recreational use is primarily hunting, fishing, hiking and horseback riding. Paths are unmarked. Paths lead from parking areas at Long Corner, Mullinix Mill, Route 94, Hipsley Mill, Howard Chapel and Route 97 road crossings over the river. Hunting is permitted only in designated areas. A portion of the park is a state wildlands area.

A rambling review: one of my favorite places to go for a hike. I know the trails pretty well and they are well-marked. As usual, people allowing their dogs to crap in the middle of the trails and walk off-leash is annoying, but the place is still nice. Geese are numerous too (goose poop near the old airfield is everywhere), and in places hikers have to watch their footing thanks to horse tracks. Campsites are nice with clean bathrooms. Beautiful views from the various overlooks near the river. Combined trails can get you 10 or more miles of hiking, with lots of options for shorter hikes.

mountain biking
11 months ago

I used the red trail to get the most distance. It had several steep climbs that forced me to walk my bike up. I probably rate it between easy/intermediate because of the uphills and some sudden drops. The trail is not really twitchy unlike Rosaryville. I encountered some red stakes in the end that led to nowhere so i used the pavement.

trail running
1 year ago

The directions take you to the beginning of the red trail. I went just past that to the visitors center and down to the right near the museums. Behind them start a brown trail which connects to green. Roughly five mile loop of woods and small inclines and just beauty. Very fun. Secluded, not crowded at all. Takes you near marshes and runs along the river. Definitely will do again.

mountain biking
1 year ago

I do believe this trail says its a beginner trail. i belive its between beginner and intermediate a lot of good trails. Trails are marked kept up I would stop in and get maps so you know which way you want to go if they have any. I would not follow the directions that are on this cite they take you to Mount Calvary is where I started my track but it's better to go to patuxent wildlife which is mark and park their.

road biking
2 years ago

mountain biking
4 years ago

this is the first time back on a mountain bike in two years. this trail had a variety of uphill and downhills. In the past few weeks it has rained quite a bit so the hills had washed out some making it necessary to get off my bike and walk up. but other than that it was a good ride

This was a great biking trail. We are tourist riders and go for scenery, we enjoyed beautiful wooded setting as well as marshy waterfront including variety of wildlife from slider turtles, osprey, blue birds. It was an easy ride through the woods on red trail. We rode over bridge and entered Merkle wildlife park extending our ride another 2 miles. We rode for 3 hours total round trip. I would definitely do this again and highly recommend to all riders, hikers, horses. All trails are cleared and well maintained. We rode on paved areas all the way back.