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Patapsco Valley State Park encapsulates 32 miles of the Patapsco River, and more than 16,000 acres of protected land with eight developed recreational areas in Frederick and Carroll counties. Extremely popular with mountain bikers and hikers, Patapsco State Park's Recreational opportunities include 190 miles of hiking trails, fishing, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding and mountain biking, as well as picnicking and camping for individuals or large groups.

9 hours ago

A great hike, however the distance should be revised to 7.5 miles.

Crazy weather we are having again this month. Maryland weather, Wait 5 minutes and it will change. Just a few days ago I was hiking Rockburn park in 60 degree weather. Today it's back in the 40's - 30's with the wind chill and snow being forecasted in the evening. The only reason I saw a few people on the trails was because it's a weekend. I didn't take any photos today because I had my mittens on and my hands kept getting cold. I kept my cellphone in my pocket the whole time. Wear clothes in layers and try not to sweat. I am a local and hike everyday. This is one of my favorite loops.

After two day of rain I was ready to get back on trail. It was 40 degrees, trails were muddy in a few sections and some spots were still frozen from overnight temps. I went early to beat the next batch of rain storms. Very few people in the park but I did meet up with a fellow All/Trails user and friend, ( Mark Sweadner ) whom I met last summer. Him and I talked about the All/Trails software. I am always glad to help people out when it comes to hiking these trail systems in the Patapsco Valley State Park. I basically live in the park and hiked over 400 miles last year. I created a map last year of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy.

28 Degrees outside and it was a cool one. This hike will indeed warm you up. This loop consists of long ups and downs. It’s a boulder hop on the Saw Mill trail and quite a few rocks on the upper section mainly when you are coming down. Start your recorder and leave it in your pocket. With mittens on and hiking poles, which I truly recommend I didn’t take any pictures. Bundle up because it’s always windy up top. This is one of my favorite loops. I created a map last year of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy.

I hiked over 400 miles last year and much of it was in the Patapsco Valley State Park. I basically live here and hike 3 to 4 days a week. The All Trails maps are great but the Googles maps falls short when it coming to trail updates. I created a map last year of this complete area of the park. Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com for a copy. It can be printed at 2 foot by 2 foot. Will spotty cell service in the area it’s good to have a backup. I read many of the comments that people state about the trails and I do understand a few of the issue but many of them can be resolved. I am glad to help. Just asked me!

I have now hiked this area many different ways and it's only getting better. As I look at other hikers recordings I see that everybody is missing the High Ridge. As you hike the stream section you have two options. One is the stone trail and the other is the sandy trail. If you stay on the sandy trail to long you may miss the best of all. Pro members need to load the OCM layer to see the additional trail. Watch for a quick switchback to go up to the top of the ridge. Don't cross the feeder stream. Stay on the left side. When you go up top simply go straight across the top of the ridge and rock hop the complete ridge top. Coming down is easy because of the switchbacks that lead you to the Switch/Plate Trail. I went early because I wanted to beat the rain.

quite muddy in some places and gps would not work at the beginning of the trail so it was a bit of guessing. but in all was a fun trail with challenges and easy spots.

21 days ago

Loved it. Great place to take photos. A little slippery owing to all the mud but it is winter!

Muddy hike on a warm winter's day. Rewarded with a partially frozen Waterfall.

Great trail. Loved the half frozen Cascade Falls. Took lots of nice pictures along the way. Look forward to going again.

27 days ago

Great temperatures over the weekend. I also finally took down my Xmas lights. I hiked up to the Bloede dam first to see the progress on the dam removal then looped back. River road trail had a lot of ice on it in spots. I then went up to the Cascade Falls. The Park was crowded due to the weather being warmer. Many people were hiking up to the Falls and the falls were frozen over. You could walk on all the ice at the Falls but the earthen trails were very muddy due to the ground thawing out.

Went yesterday with my two kids. The frozen waterfall was a sight to see! Very muddy and Rocky as it was a 55 degree day after a month of very cold temps. Crossing some of the water was a little dicey. Bit it was beautiful and I look forward to taking them back in the spring!

1 month ago

Great hike in 18° weather this morning. I was unable to capture the trip using this app due to the low temperature. Very well-maintained path. Creek crossings were a bit tough with all the ice , But my six-year-old and I took on a nice little walk.

Hiked this one as a 7 mile trek. Part of the trail follows the river. It's not a difficult trail, but maybe a bit harder than moderate. End your hike with a beer and burger at the Woodstock Inn.

We saw some horseback riders which was really fun for my kids. The creek was partly frozen and we had to find a place to cross it going out and then back. We did get off course walking back by 10 minutes at one point... the trail must have split and we didn’t see it! Rolling hills were beautiful and there were a couple openings to big, beautiful, open fields.

I loved this hike. It has enough level of challenge to give you a bit of a workout but not difficult at all views are beautiful and the little waterfalls are cute especially frozen or partially frozen as I saw them. Totally recommend it.

Great hike. Cool falls I never knew about.

Two words: It’s rocky. Well, about 35-45% of this trail offers a rocky challenge where some spots are enhanced by inclines and hills. This is a popular trail for families, one I’ve visited before without recording and reviewing. I found the experience different when I used someone else trek. I realized I needed to make waypoints along the way as I found myself going off course. I had to scramble a hillside a bit when I got to the waterfall due to all the frozen ice everywhere (this is where I stopped and re-started my recording). No probs, though. This is a fun trail all year around, but be careful of all the branching points on the trail.

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