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14 days ago

Park opens at 9am! I got here at 6am to start my hike but gate is CLOSED! WTF

This weather has been un-real. Cold or Raining one day then 60's or 70's the next. If the wind didn't die down I wouldn't have left the house. The Cascade, Bike Buster and Garrett's Pass has a lot of down trees. The trails are good to go again. These trails are always well maintained. My 3-mile loop today was one long up then all down the second half. Although we got a lot of rain the day before the trails were very dry. The wind dries the trails but you need to watch for falling branches. The water was a bit deep at the stream crossings and some of the rocks you hop across at the Falls were underwater.

Hiked this trail with my brother two summers ago. Aside from choosing an unbearably humid day, the hike was enjoyable and not too taxing. We're planning to use this section for a point to point hike from Mckeldin in to Ellicott City.

3 months ago

When it comes to Hiking or Backpacking the Patapsco Valley State Park, the Avalon, Orange Grove, Hilton, Hilltop and Glen Artney areas are by far the best trail system in the whole Valley area. You can CAMP in the Hilton area at 1101 Hilton Ave. in Catonsville, Md. There are plenty of pavilions, restrooms and drink fountains in many of the sections. There are so many loops you can hike so the miles and terrain will indeed vary pending your planned trip. You can even take the kids hiking or just go to one of the two playgrounds. I have been backpacking this area since the late 60’s and have seen many changes. The biggest was in 1972, The Storm of Agnes. Can you picture the water as high as the railroad tracks? Many of the trails you see on All/Trails was created and recorded by me. I am still out here weekly. Simply view my recording for the many options to hiking this area. Email me for my custom map I created. baltoken @ yahoo.com

Loved it. Great place to take photos. A little slippery owing to all the mud but it is winter!

Flat hike not difficult. Beautiful scenery in the fall. Parking terrible on the weekend. Go during a weekday.

Love doing this trail! I have been twice now. Both times with a dog and once with a baby. Great trail paved and with awesome views and experiences!

Awesome trail.

trail running
8 months ago

Can be used to make a nice running loop if run with Morning Choice and part of Cascade

on Avalon Loop Trail

8 months ago

Very nice trail for a family hike.

8 months ago

Nice place to jog

The parking here for one is a joke. So much trail and acreage here I'm astounded there's not more space available for parking. Is there a secret parking lot?? Anyway, there's no markers whatsoever for Mcdaniels which is fine if you're using the app and most of the trail is just along the river anyway. Some of the little loops weren't obviously marked. We literally had to stand looking at the map on the app walking step by step and look down to see where the trail picked up. Sort of odd. The trail is nice. It's quiet here.

nice hike... a lot of up hill.

The trailhead has almost no parking nearby. There are "no parking" signs in the entire area. Additionally, be careful on this trail as it is a designated hunting area.

8 months ago

Beautiful paved trail that runs pararell to train tracks still in use. Very nice ruins to see, an old dam and two really fun suspension bridges to cross

8 months ago

(Outing performed August 6, 2017; late review, see recorded track).

I actually hiked about 22 miles due to getting lost on a poorly marked trail. In the beginning the trail is well marked, but the farther you go on this 16-17 miler out n' back the less well marked it is. What happened was my GPS/smartphone's battery died out at about mile 13 -- lesson learned for me -- at a point where the trail was not well marked. With half dozen designated and undesignated intersecting trails at this point it was not good. I ended up hiking 3-4 miles the wrong way due to confusing tree markings and had to come back. Ran out of water when severe chaffing came on, and I was approaching dusk -- when the park closes. Ended up exiting not at the point I began, but about 1/2 mile removed. Lesson learned for me: hiking or trail running, any course over 12 miles on hard terrain requires a backup phone or charger, flashlight, mini first aid kit, and marking tape in case a poorly marked segment on a confusing course is encountered. When I started out, parking area was moderately full, when I finally got back, my vehicle was the only one there. Without question this was a challenging 16-mile course with stream crossings, but the poor markings almost made it a nightmare, making it a 3-star course, although I may do this trail again with better preparedness.

Great trail for the area!

9 months ago

My friend and I started our hike at the Lost Lake parking lot. We started out on Grist Mill Trail. This trail was entirely paved (which was a little boring), but along the way, we spotted little viewing spots of the Patapsco River, tunnels underneath the train tracks, and even a few little tunnel-like passages that while I wouldn't recommend going into, were fascinating to see. At the swinging bridge off of Grist Mill, we crossed onto the Cascade Trail, which was much more rugged. It crossed streams and waterfalls many times and had lots of opportunities to explore the surrounding areas. This hike was only about 5 or 6 miles long but one of my favorites so far.

Easy scenic walk with beautiful views of the river on a wide, flat, paved trail.

11 months ago

wooded trail along with river
several good spot to take a break during walking

Pretty crowded on a Saturday afternoon, especially near the swinging bridge, but overall a lovely, fairly easy hike.

very decent distance with good views, varied trail, and very easy parking.

It was Well maintained and nice hike. Went with few friends had an awesome time.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Probably the best place to hike anywhere near Baltimore.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great size park with trails leading off roads and walk ways, plenty of places to go and explore with great scenery!

Monday, May 08, 2017

Great trail, easy to make shorter if you use tracking and skip side loops. Love this park!!

mountain biking
Monday, May 08, 2017

Super fast and rocky but overall very fun

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I thought this trail was good, wasn't well marked out though. but all in all still a good trail. took lots of pictures. I like taking pictures on my hikes.

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