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If you follow the map, you can’t go wrong! Beautiful and varied scenery on both sides of the river valley. If you follow the topo, be sure to watch the new trail that goes around the wash out in the last half mile. Stay alert for mountain bikers too, they come out of nowhere fast!

Great trail for a short hike. The dogs had a wonderful time and had no problem navigating the trails. No problems with crowds, but it was probably due to the cold weather.

Falls are sweet, trail well maintained, some rocky uphills and rocky stream crossings that kept it interesting. Trail could be better marked.

5 days ago

The old churches make this trail especially interesting. There was a little muddy patch near the beginning, but it’s easy to get around.

beautiful along the river and good scenery overall. walked along in the fall and the further into the trail it becomes difficult to navigate, to be exact it's after the bridge. there's no markers so I relied on the map and directions without the premium subscription.

A walk Ben on a crisp fall day.

Today was gorgeous. Our first time here. Lots of wet, colorful leaves along the trail covered some loose and slippery rocks but not too bad. Although we did the loop, it was somewhat the same trail. Stayed on the north then south trail. Peaceful with just a few people spotted along the way. Was looking for birds and saw a nice handful. Saw squirrels but surprisingly no deer. Great place to spend an autumn afternoon!

There is a very large, downed tree approximately half way through the path. Also, this should be considered a switchback, not a loop.

The trail was not marked very well, but it was relaxing with because of the waterfall. It was good for children too.

20 days ago

Great trail but definitely needed the map on the app to stay on trail. Lots of wildlife at dusk! Didn't see any bikes in the narrow sections, would've had to jump in the bushes if I did, bikers were really going fast on this one.

24 days ago

Started by the rapids— lots of people, thinned out by about a mile in and then almost no one. I only did a portion (5 out, 5 back) but it was beautiful and not challenging. Most of the trail is along the River (which is gorgeous) and the trail is well maintained. If you want to go off the trail the underbrush is easy as well, sometimes I went off the main trail to be closer to the water because it was so nice. There’s a $3 honor system at the parking area— bring some cash so they can get some help continuing to make this park great!!

Great trail, but markings could be better in the middle.

26 days ago

Since the 2018 Flood the Saw Mill Trail suffered quite a bit of erosion. - When you enter the tunnel from the Grist Mill Trail you will have to navigate your way thru a rocky stream section to access the trail on your LEFT side. - The trail on your right is the Forest Glen trail. - You will be heading up the wooden stairs to get to the main Trail-head. - Many sections of this loop are very rocky. - On the Sawmill trail there is a NEW re-route section to avoid many of the boulder hops. - Taking the old trail along the stream is quite enjoyable. - You get to see the cascading water. - The Buzzard Rock cliff trail is tricky coming down due to all the leaves. - Using Trekking Poles will help you slow down. - It's STEEP !!

The weather is now ideal for hiking. - No more sweating. - I did a mid-day Friday hike and the trails had quite a few people on them. - This loop is only 3 miles but half of it is all uphill. - Fairly rocky in many areas with quite a few big ups and downs. -The loop features the Cascade Falls, Graveyard up at the old track loop then along the Ridge area buildings from the past. - Two old restroom ( Oldhouses ) and also a single cabin remains. - There is a second connector trail if you wish to create a bigger loop. - I use the Evergreen connector.

More like 3.5...Overall I really liked it, I am glad we did the loop clockwise as the trail going up from the river was steep with many leaves and loose dirt and going down would have been difficult. It was also unmarked at this point. I would try next time to follow the river a little further to the next trail going up and see if that’s better. Also on a fall day it was fine, but the narrow trail along river I could see possibly being too buggy or overgrown in the summer.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Smooth going and fairly easy trail. A quick ride if just straight loop around Rockburn, but there are ample opportunities to deviate and tack on extra distance and difficulty. A NCR family ride.

1 month ago

Nice cool and breezily day for once. - This was the first time the wife hiked the College Loop - We saw lots of hikers and bikers on the trails today. - Way more then normal. - The Santee Branch trail is a fairly easy one. - The College Loop is a bit rocky on one section near the maintenance building. - The Hilton Tire Park is about the half way point so we took a break there. - There is a Restroom three too.

This is a trail that does not seem to be marked on all trails. It's a great loop at intermediate level.

This is a beautiful trail and very peaceful. The waterfall was my favorite part. This was my first time its very busy compared to other trails. Mountain bikers were rolling through next time I'll wear brighter clothes. Some of the paths are narrow so I was nervous about falling trying to get out of the way of bikers. All of the trail markers were blue so I got turned around. Thank fill I had plenty of water and the all trails app.

The parking was limited (I took the last open spot) but I didn’t run into many people on the trail especially as I got away from the river. Absolutely gorgeous and a nice moderate hike.

Dog friendly , good distance, quiet. Trails is poorly marked in some places, so I relied on the AllTrails map to guide me.

pretty fall day for a hike. I have a chest cold so listened to my body and did alternate routes to make it shorter. because of this, I had trouble distinguishing one trail from another as the trails are sporadically marked. thank goodness for this app which kept me on route.

busy at the beginning/end, but nice hike. will return.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I can't wait to go back Saturday!

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