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Patapsco Valley State Park extends along 32 miles of the Patapsco River, encompassing 16,043 acres and eight developed recreational areas. Recreational opportunities include hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, horseback and mountain bike trails, as well as picnicking for individuals or large groups in the parks many popular pavilions. One of Marylands first state parks (founded in 1907), the valley and its natural resources have been enjoyed by the Native Americans, explorers, settlers and present-day citizens. With its source in Frederick and Carroll counties, the Patapsco serves the Port of Baltimore, and empties into the Chesapeake Bay. The park is well known for its trail opportunities for hikers, bikers, and horses as well as it's outstanding scenery and historic ruins. Patapsco State Park has 190 miles of trails.

mountain biking
9 hours ago

14 hours ago

On Oct. 17 the stream was Stock with 500 Trout. I got lucky and found 1 Trout and 1 Bass. I only kept the Trout. The limit in this section is 5 Trout per-day. The Stocking section is from the Viaduct to the Dam. The D.N.R. wants you to stay 400 feet away from the Dam and I beat that's where the Trout are. Due to the Bloede Dam project and the removal of two other Dams in 2010, stream conditions are in very poor shape. When wading through the stream the sill and sand is 6 inches deep and washes out as you walk. The water is extremely low due to no rain and all the honey holes are now filled in with sand. Look at all the sandbars in the photos. Even the 6 foot hole by the Swinging Bridge is gone. Daniel's maybe a better option but it's not as accessible as this area. Time to Retire this section of the Patapsco.

Not recommended for seniors. The path soon narrows to a walk filled with sharp stones and large roots often too close to the a cliff above the river. This combined with a busy traffic and streams that must be waded makes the walk unpleasant and perhaps dangerous.

2 days ago

2 days ago

There are many New Alternates trails along the Soapstone. The DNR was building a New bridge on one section. There is Now a completed New trail you can hike instead of the Overgrown. I use the New trail to go over to the Bull Run. The old Overgrown Trail is shorter and easier but the New trail is longer. The Old Overgrown will lead you to the top of the Bull Run but the New Trail leads you to the bottom side were you can just take the switchback to go down to the parking lot at the Soapstone trail-head. The New Overgrown trail is not marked or on any maps. The OCM map does have the right-side alternates of the Soapstone.

Nice trail. Quiet. Waterfall is pleasant to sit in front of for relaxation.

I am an everyday senior hiker and live next to the Patapsco Valley State Park. Because I hiked everyday I am always looking at all my best options. Parking, Restrooms and Drinking Water is always important to me. I also enjoy having a hot trail lunch or dinner pending the time of day I hike. It's nice to have multiple locations that will include a shelter or picnic table. With the leaves falling for the trees you can now see the valley down below. The trails are very well maintained and marked with signs or blazes on the trees. I enjoy having option and this loop includes many. The Falls are always great to see and down on the Grist Mill you get all the views of the river and could go fishing if you wanted.

It was great hike. Saw a few deer and some ducks. Also, I saw some ruins (think fireplace).

4 days ago

With the weather cooling down it's now easier to do longer miles. I am the old senior that submitted this trail loop originally. I have now expanded it out to 7 miles and it's can be hiked even longer or much shorter. I favor this side of the park because of all the access points which is not like that on the other side of the river. The other side has 3 access point but this side has 8 total. There is never many people up on the long trail as there are on the Grist Mill. I hike everyday but the weekends are just as bad now as they were in the summer. Working people get off at 5PM and the park closes at 6:40PM. They only have weekends now.

The weather has been great temperature wise. The Weather people continue to get it wrong but they get to keep their jobs. Funny! Everyday they call for rain but it only happens at night. Lucky us but be sure to carry a raincoat.

With a morning looking like it was going to pour down all day I decided to hike a short trail then see how the weather decided to play out. This 1.5 mile trail is super easy for you and the family. It's all flat and runs along the river. Great views. There is a spot-a-pot next to the Pond. Even after a hard night of rain the trails were fine. There were of a few puddles and I was able to go around them. The trails are covered in fallen leaves so be careful because they can be slippery if you are dealing with hills. I always carry trekking poles just to be on the safe side.

mountain biking
9 days ago