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North Point State Park is located in Baltimore County on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and is surrounded by beautiful and fascinating natural and historical resources. It consists of 1,310 acres off Old North Point Road in Edgemere. The Defenders Trail was used during the War of 1812 and passes through the park (see the park map). North Point was also the site of the historical Bay Shore Amusement Park, a popular destination for summer visitors from 1906 until it closed in 1947. Visitors can see the original trolley shelter (right) and fountain that have been restored. The trolley shelter is now a popular destination for special events and can be reserved by calling the visitor center. North Point is rich in natural beauty. Come see how Mother Nature reclaimed the land where the amusement park once stood. The park has scenic views overlooking the water, a wading beach, a fishing pier and hiking trails that lead you around the park and through protected wildlands.

This is one of my favorite trails for a casual day. it is all flat and has a beautiful scenery. There are a few extended short paths to discover as well as the main loop.

Feb. 11, 2017 and 58 Degrees out. Easy trail loop. All trails in this park are well maintain and marked. Lots of wildlife in this area. The marshes are full of waterfowl. If you also take the old oak trail you will see tons of holly trees. Nature is in balance here for sure.

Upon entering the park you may want to grab a trail map. The trails are named and well marked. For seniors like me, this place is a plus. All the trails and the 1-mile road into the park is completely flat terrain. In the open fields area there were lots of geese and redwing blackbirds in the marshy areas. We saw lot of holly trees on the Old Oak and Beaver Pond trail. The Wetlands trail loop feature a marsh, pond and observation platform. I loved this spot the most because of all the pine trees. Millions of small pine you can’t even see through. Great spot for lunch. I grow up in this area. My mom and dad came here when it was an amusement park. It think it was then called Bay Shore Park. The area is still being re-discovered. In the main office building are pictures of the old days. Main restrooms are closed for off-season. 2 Spot-a-pots are available. There is one by main entrance and the other is by the Trolley Station.

This was an enjoyable hike that is not too far of a trip from Baltimore. Despite the fact that it is late fall, there is a lot to see, and the shoreline and forest views are no less beautiful. We meandered around the main trail and took several of the smaller off-shoots. The abandoned building on the Power House loop has some cool graffiti inside and is worth a look. I also had fun looking for sea glass on the shoreline. The trails themselves were well-maintained and clearly marked. Overall, we had a great time!

Love this park....frequent it with my daughter. We have seen a number of wildlife...Turtles, frogs, foxes, woodpeckers, herrings, snakes...and its pup friendly most of the yr. The beach is a nice place to relax on and just look for rocks. Also during the winter months its frozen over...great pictures, lots of photo ops....

Beautiful trail, has a beach and places for people to fish. Five stars!

5 months ago

Nice year round walk. Takes you through several different habitats including marsh, forest and field.

9 months ago

I've been back a couple times since my last review from here and i'm so glad! Much better experience. The Power House trail and the shore views made it the best hike!