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North Point State Park is located in Baltimore County on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and is surrounded by beautiful and fascinating natural and historical resources. It consists of 1,310 acres off Old North Point Road in Edgemere. The Defenders Trail was used during the War of 1812 and passes through the park (see the park map). North Point was also the site of the historical Bay Shore Amusement Park, a popular destination for summer visitors from 1906 until it closed in 1947. Visitors can see the original trolley shelter (right) and fountain that have been restored. The trolley shelter is now a popular destination for special events and can be reserved by calling the visitor center. North Point is rich in natural beauty. Come see how Mother Nature reclaimed the land where the amusement park once stood. The park has scenic views overlooking the water, a wading beach, a fishing pier and hiking trails that lead you around the park and through protected wildlands.

Unless you are into military history, I found nothing spectacular here. Unmarked paved walkways, broken picnic tables, graffiti, and liter. Not well maintained. Would be nice to bring a child just learning to ride a bicycle, or a casual stroll - if it were cleaned up.

Growing up in this area was great and it seem as though nothing ever changes except for a bunch of new homes. The main town of Edgemere still only has one traffic light. What is being called the Haul Road Trail is a under statement. Growing up in this town, we called it the road to no-where because it had been there forever and was never completed for cars or a train. It wasn't until Sparrow Point Steel Mill decide to create the section of road that runs through the farm and into the area we called Bay Shore Park which is now called North Point State Park. The haul road was only use for a very short time then it went back to being the same. ( The Road To No Where. ) I am glad to see it's still here and it's part of a great trail system of North Point State Park. Re-live history and check this area out.

I truly love this location. I grew up in this area but live on the other side of the bay now. Beautiful evening for a Nature Hike. Nice breeze coming off the Bay. I was down here a little over a week ago and i saw lots of Wild Berries. Decided to come back for an evening of Berries Picking then I finished my normal hike on the Trails. Got to watch the Sun go down on the water..

Beautiful evening for a Hike. Nice breeze coming off the Bay. Bay front trails were a little buggy because the tide was out. Most the the people in the park were down on the beach. Few people were on the trails but not many because I still ate a few Cobwebs. As the Sun was going down I saw many deer in the fields. I averaged 3-miles an hour and barely got wet from a sweat. Super Great Evening down by The Bay.

Nice trail!!

Had a great time. Well marked routes.

North point is a nice place for a quick family walk. The trails are mostly concrete and the brush is maintained.
The loops are short so getting lost is near impossible.

This is one of my favorite trails for a casual day. it is all flat and has a beautiful scenery. There are a few extended short paths to discover as well as the main loop.