A well-marked trail I decided to do after a torrential flood through Great Seneca Stream Valley Park, following yesterday's pouring downpours for rainstorms. Nevertheless, I moved forward the whole time except for some pics I took and the fall I will shortly explain. I got a lot of motivating speedwork in, and I reckon I got spoiled by it. I encountered illusion mud toward the end -- path dirt that looks solid and packed hard but is oh so slippery mush! During the slamming fall that resulted, I inadvertently pressed "stop" on my recorded track about 1/2 mile from the end of my out-n-back. I was a muddy mess, but I'm good with that.

Its a great trail, but not so good after a flood, and if you don't like getting muddied up.

Germantown Rd to Rifle Ford Rd 2.5 miles. Great network of trails but I was disappointed in how overgrown this section of the trail is and how very poorly it is marked in this section.

Great trail; consistent light blue blazes on trees just above eye-level; good trail markers (posts) with directional signage, good trail condition and fabulous views of the creek and forests. Perfect day to see fields of wild flowers and enjoy the fragrance of the flowering bushes. Plenty of bird activity with woodpeckers, towhees, , flickers, and a Great Blue Heron in the creek. Some hills, too.

Well maintained. Lots of fun.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nice trail, easy hiking and biking. We only did the partial trail from Brink to Watkins Mill. At Watkins Mill it becomes a sidewalk, rather than a trail. The trail is popular, so we looked for an off peak time over Labor Day.

Good mix of hills, rocks, roots and gliding trail. No one else on trail. Great time