A bit dull.


My dog and took an early Saturday morning walk and as far as walks go it was just ok. I believe the trail was meant primarily for horses, well maintained but lacked any point of interest. There are too many really nice parks with trails in the area to warrant revisiting this one.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Nice scenery

Fine trail if you are a horse, the stream was nice.high grass..

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shame the other reviewer had to endure high grasses but the last three summer hikes I've done 2013 have had grass no higher than ankles (possibly a budget issue prior). I've never had a tick issue but I suppose that's because the grass is being mowed more often now. I rather like these trails and have a preference toward the ones to the right hand side as you enter the parking lot . These trails have a nice mix of sun and shade with larger trees on the perimeter and more wild grasses and small trees toward the interior. As the trail description notes this is a nice place to observe birds, wild plants and nature. The trails are very wide and mostly level so a family with children would appreciate. While horses use the trails I seldom see them and ones I do see have very friendly riders.

DEFINATELY NOT FOR RUNNING OR WALKING, ESPECIALLY WITH DOGS!!!!!! This trail is only suited for horseback riding. It is an all grass series of trails and the grass is knee high in most places. Within 15 minutes of walking this trail in mid-may, my two dogs accumulated a whopping 63 black ticks!! YIKES! I had ticks on me and my partner had ticks on him. It was frightful!! We got the Heebie-Jeebies and want to warn anyone nervous about Lyme disease NOT to use this series of trails for anything other than riding a very large horse. It is total sun, so great in the winter but not so great in the mid-summer.