Swampy in places but a very easy hike.

It was an enjoyable walk. I used plenty of spray, especially on my lower legs and did not have a problem with ticks. There were several hikers out so maybe a nice Sunday can be blamed.

Easy walk and clear trails. Not the best scenery or area to explore, just a good walk in the woods.

Milburn landing is a very beautiful quiet state park. they have large picnic areas; several camping sites; docking station for water activities. The park is covered with various

LOVE this trail! Cypress swamps & higher pine/hardwood forests provide lots of opportunities to see wildlife. Living in the area for practically my whole life has taught me that ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes can be bad from about May through Oct, so better pack your Off & Permanone (or wait til after the first good frost)...otherwise an enjoyable year-round hike - especially with kids!

Beware! Mosquito and tick central! My friends and I couldn't complete the 1 mile loop BC we were covered in ticks and had to take the road back to our campsite. Stay clear.