even though it's a small park I love it. I grew up here. there are pavilions for special occasions, we had our wedding here.

It's a great short hike. My son and I come here often. We see lots of turtles and bull frogs.

Nice hike. Date: 2/8/2016

The park itself is great,, but the trails are confusing and not well marked at all. They used a color coded trail system, but the colors randomly start, stop, change directions, and we found ourselves just ignoring them after a while. Fortunately it is a small park and there was no chance of getting lost. Also you are not able to go around the lake, as half of it is lined with residential housing. But other than that it is a nice park and close to home.

The distance on the app says that it is only 0.79 miles long but if you go all the way around the lake it is definitely 2 miles or more!!

mountain biking
4 years ago

bit overgrown and very short length of trail. Great scenery though

We walked the main portion of this trail and enjoyed the nice views of the lake. The lake is mainly used for fishing and has numerous piers and waterholes along the way. This could be hiked as an approximately 2 mile loop around the lake but the backside trail is a bit overgrown.