nature trips
1 month ago

After a major storm here in the Patapsco Valley I needed to find another location that had paved trail and not all mountain or hills. To muddy here at home. This place was great with the combinations of paved or natural earthen trails. I was able to loop out a path that ended up being 4 miles and it also included the farming section. I loved the farms garden, tractor equipment and animals because it reminded me of growing up on our farm. Super great place for the little ones. I would recommend going early or late because most of the trails are in the sun. Even the natural trail had drained well. Only a few spots on the trails had standing water. Although I carry plenty of water there was a water fountain and restrooms near the farm section. I saw only one soda vending machine but it was broken.

2 months ago

A wonderful easy walk that is dog and kid friendly. We went in January, so it wasn't crowded. There are dog-waste bags and trash cans spread around the trail. The staff is very friendly. It's paved, not dirt/gravel.

Nice paved loop to walk your dogs around, I feel safe when I'm there - always just enough people around. Very clean.

love this trail... the trees smell so great.. the sun light beams are all over... the only thing to many people its a constant slow down .. but totally love it