Located near Crisfield on Marylands Eastern Shore, Janes Island State Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Chesapeake Bay. Within the mainland portion of the park are the campground, rental cabins and conference center, picnic areas and pavilions, and the boat ramp and marina. The island portion of the park Janes Island includes over 2,900 acres of saltmarsh, over 30 miles of water trails, and miles of isolated pristine beaches. Although people have harvested the resources of the island for thousands of years, today the island is wild and seemingly untouched. A haven for birds, fish, crabs, and other saltmarsh dwellers, Janes Island provides visitors a tranquil setting to explore the wildlife of the Bay while enjoying the expansive vistas and stunningly beautiful sunsets. Whether fishing or crabbing, motor boating or paddling, or simply relaxing, visitors to Janes Island will experience a world still ruled by the weather, the tides, and the wildlife that first drew people to this very special place.

Pleasant walk through the woods on an easy trail.

Enjoyable little hike. The rain had stopped and so did the wind so it was a lot better hiking.

I LOVE this trail it is so easy but yet you can go the hole 3 mi or you can leave whenever because of the roads going back ever 30 ft. It takes you through the woods and also through wide trails its so fun!