easy flat trail with lots of shade and decent view of the river

Great for a walk with the dog. It's flat and has a canopy of trees covering the whole walk. This is not a difficult walk at all.

This trail was very flat, which makes doing the 12.5 mile walk manageable. I think I would have enjoyed this trail a lot more as a leisurely bike ride, rather than walking. Might be good for someone with children as an easy beginning hike, though I wouldn't recommend dragging them the entire 6.25 miles out to the bridge and back. There are other places to intercept the trail a little closer to the bridge if you're more interested in the destination than the journey.

Flat well maintained trail suited more for bicycles. Nevertheless, a decent hike for the family no matter if you plan on hiking the whole trail or just have time for a short walk. Patrolled by security personnel on bikes, the trail is well traveled by walkers, joggers and bikers. You will not be alone on a nice day but will find the walk pleasurable.