This Park is Closed!

The loop near Atkinson and Singer road is over grown with trees down and lots of brush so it was pretty hard to get through so we cut out to the road. The trail is taken care of except for that area. People seem to use that area to dump trash, it's pretty sad.

So today my friend, 10 yr old son and I headed out on this trail. It is labeled as easy and I would disagree. If you get a map from one of the information huts it will explain. We started on the Timber trail which is rated difficult according to them, which we would agree. It is very hilly but we managed. At the end the Bridge was out but we were able to cross the stream by some rocks. I recommend going slow because some are wobbly. Once over to the other side you are on the West side trail. It is rated moderate and was not too bad until you reached Atkinson dam. You definitely need bug spray and maybe long socks due to a lot of high grassy areas. Now once we reached the dam the trail went to poop. It was heavily over grown with sticker bushes and brush. We could not continue. Sadly we had someone pick us up on Singer Rd because we were out of water and tired from our already at least 3.5 mile hike. The saddest part was we were almost done the loop but due to no possible passage we had to end our day. Just an fyi for anyone who thinks they can make the full circle :(

(This review has trail condition updates) This is a 3.5 for me. Very scenic trail, lightly trekked so you won't run into a lot of hikers. Great for bird watching, butterflies and dragonflies. Lovely wild flowers and water lilies too.

Overgrown on some parts of the trail, so I would recommend wearing bug repellent on your ankles and depending on skin sensitivity maybe favor longer pants for this trail. A walking stick will help with clearing spider webs too. ALERT: Bridge that crosses over water is closed. You can attempt to cross the water over some rocks just before you reach the bridge. But, it's like 12+ rock hops, not the usual 4-5 that you'd find on a trail. Because the rocks were slippery I headed back the way I came. Also it's worth it to grab a trail map at the main parking lot.

Many off shoots from the main trail and the Map GPS doesn't seem to match up with what you are walking, oh well still fun!!!

This is basically my backyard, spent most of the summers in my teens sliding down Atkisson Dam(do not attempt)and field trips to Harford Glen throughout my schooling. Until coming to this site I had no idea there was a looping trail, would always just go up and back. I found the whole loop to be extremely easy and very enjoyable. I always start on Winters Run rd./Singer Rd and go up past the dam first and onto the Harford Glen housing area where you will get the most scenery, especially for the bird watchers. No time for pictures today, will post next time.

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10 months ago

This is an awesome trail to run if you do the whole thing, which is not clearly marked. There are many elevation changes and the mileage is inaccurate; it's more like 5.5-6 miles from Singer Rd over the old bridge and back around the other side to Singer Road. It takes a solid hour at a brisk pace.
The scenery constantly changes and you often see wildlife like deer, birds and beavers. It is an intense workout and very fun as you go over and under logs, through streams, over rocks and roots and up and down hills. I highly recommend it!

It's a nice hike, but the trail blazes are terrible. Ended up doubling back many times because diverging random access trails weren't identified. Also 4 miles into the loop the only way across the stream is a closed bridge causing another retreat to a location where you can cross over. If you're very familiar with the trails it would be good but you can't complete this loop as marked.

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It's only open until the end of October every year, went in December lol

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fun trail. overgrown in spots so wear tick juice!

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This land is owned by the army and need permission to go on the land

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