Photos of Gwynns Falls leakin Park Trails

mountain biking
2 months ago

I chose mountain biking because the trail has paved portions, but also unpaved along the main trail. The park's history is true, but as far as I know no one has been killed here. I've ridden this trail for a little over 8 years and have never had a problem with not feeling safe sure to people. On the weekend you'll see lots of hikers and bikers after 8am. I ride early to avoid people and usually see many deer.

The most danger I've ever seen was the occasional loose dog, but that's anywhere and I carry mace for such events. Also, the trail is a lot longer than 4.1 miles. You can take this trail all the way downtown close to the harbor. From the top trail head to Carroll Park is about 7 miles, and if you go back it's 14 miles. The only waterfalls are in Carroll Golf Course, but it's a manmade fall for excess storm water lol, and another true waterfall near the Windsor Mill trail head (this one is a shallow fall and it's about 30' below the trail.level so it's easy to miss).

This is my main trail. No problems and I recommend it. I'll also add that there are abandoned parts if the trail that are really interesting to check out (unused pavilions and parking lots and old trails that snake through the forest). You'll need to come through quite a few times to explore all of the trail branches.

Trail is mostly moderate with a few hills that will give you a workout on the way back. Bring water as the only water source is at the golf course.